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By theatdhe | Questions and Thinkings | 31 Jan 2021

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From time to time I like to post something that isn't directly linked to finance. Today I read something very interesting, Google deleted more than 100k of bad reviews that have been made on Robinhood.

We all know how hard is to create something and get people's attention, let alone get their interaction. If people find that something is bad and should go down...I strongly believe that it should go. In this case Robinhood did something that actually deserved to go down.

This is not the first time that Google does something similar.

Google is a gigantic search of the first, one of the biggest, one of the best and one that never stops collecting data.

Crypto was developed in order that the privacy get respected, transactions get faster and cheaper from point A to point B without the need to wait for days and pay shitload of money to banks or third parties...not only that but you also have to give your credentials and as well as the credentials of the receiver.

Crypto world didn't succeed yet to get ripped off of the centralized exchanges and banks.

Google visited many times the seats of different courts for intruding into peoples privacy.

If you have an android phone, you can see that there are some apps that you just can't get rid of. You can't delete them, the only thing that you can do is deactivate them...but, if you do deactivate some of them then you'll get a lot of "errors". There are actually some ways around it but then again there are so many different apps like Facebook, Instagram and others that do the same thing when it comes to collecting data.

Google actually knows almost everything about you, there are Gapps that have permission to Location, Calls, Contacts, Camera, Mic, and what not and still you can't actually revoke that permission.

I've already talked in a post about Brave, I did as well talked about Social Media and now it's time to talk about DuckDuckGO.

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Brave provides with some shields but Google can still know and collect your IP. Now the crazy thing is that even if you have your Location option off by collecting your IP they can still know where you are, and if you go to some other place and your phone get's connected to that places WiFi then they can still know where you at. This is how they collect metadata of different users and that way they actually know even the restaurants where you mostly go...

The Bubble Policy is just bs that is there to assure you that your privacy is safe.

Now, while most of us aren't such high profile, super secret agents that their privacy should stay safe at all times. Our privacy should still be valued and never compromised. Our privacy and us shouldn't be treated as guinea pigs.
Google might be more advanced...maybe at the moment. As we know search engines get better with time, the more they are used the better they become.

I'm gonna be using DuckDuckGo from now and on. I don't use Google Chrome for quite some time now. I do encourage you as well to start using it.



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