Quantum Loop network is 43 miles

By Keith Thuerk | SCIFI Future | 23 Aug 2022

Quantum Loop network is 43 miles

Who is Quantum Loop? According to their website they are Master planned Clean Cloud Communities. Additionally, they offer a rapid platform delivery for land, power, connectivity, and scale. So what does that mean? They Incorporate renewable energy, land and water improvements, to reduce carbon impact of ready to deploy Cloud services.

Their Goal? Master Planned Communities - not for residential homes but for Hyperscalers, enterprises and colocation providers to speed go-to-market capabilities. 

Quantum Loophole broke ground on its massive QLoop network, which consists of a 43-mile fiber ring connecting the company’s 2,100+ acre Quantum data center in Maryland to the Ashburn, Virginia. 

What makes up the network?  Their network ring will offer capacity for more than 200,000 strands of fiber connecting to the Ashburn ecosystem in under one half millisecond Round Trip Time (RTT).  The is an ultra-low latency RTT which is great for backbone etc.

Open Questions in my mind -

Q1 - are they building something like this on the western power grid (I.E. somewhere out of California)? I know the Reno/Lake Tahoe area is hot right now for people fleeing Cali. Are they taking their data center operations with them? Also heard that Vegas has a hot new hosting / Colo entrant called 'Switch'.  IF this is on Quantum Loopholes radar, and I hope it is so they can offer more Availability Zones and Regions to allow geo-disbursement of compute, storage resources on their same backbone. 

Q2 - will they offer common services for Quantum Computing to bring down the average costs?

Competitors - The usual Cloud (public, hybrid) and Colo suspects (Amazon, Azure, Google,, Equinix, QTS, Flexera, ) have a very heavy (I.e. dense footprint in the Ashburn, Virginia area. This is an interesting concept whose time might have come as more and more enterprises look to get out of the data center business.


Summary - today Quantum Loophole is not associated with Quantum Computing. However, they have great master planned communities for HyperScalers, enterprises and Colo providers. Would like to see a price list for their offerings.

Disclaimer - I am not an employee nor an agent of Quantum Loophole, although it sounds super exciting!

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