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IBM laid out Quantum Computing road map thru 2023

By Keith Thuerk | SCIFI Future | 15 Sep 2020

Today, IBM laid out their Quantum Computing road map thru 2023.

In my mind by IBM posting the road map it placed a stake in the sand that they will have a 1000 qubit system by 2023.  So everyone knows where they are headed.  Recall just one year ago (Sept. '19) they announced their 53-qubit system that went live in Oct. '19.   IBM laid out how many more qubits each years new system will have until the year 2023.  They also announced a new refrigerator to house the new chip sets.   Very ambitious plans, I wonder how the other Quantum Computing titans will respond? In that will they release their road maps or just poke at Big Blue?


Will this spur a new computing era? The Quantum Computing Era?


Want to learn more? The link is below



Enjoy the Journey!

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