Did you know you are helping to train AI?

By Keith Thuerk | SCIFI Future | 18 Sep 2023

Did you know you are helping to train AI?


First let's review how AI has evolved over the years

During the 1960's the constructs of AI were being developed out, fast forward to the 1990's where AI was all about fuzzy logic, decision support, expert systems.  Fast forward again to 2006 were AI sentiment started to shift  enter in to 2014 where AI was really ramping up, or so they wanted people to believe. Enter in 2015 where AI made more progress in AI in past 5 years than in the past 50 due to Big Data. Then of course in December '22 and the ChatGPT (commonly known as Generative AI). 

Did you know that you have to train AI (it is actually a very involved process)

Think back to the beginning of the global lockdown and how website were using different mechanisms to ensure you were a human.  You had to select the crosswalk or traffic lights.   Have you noticed how they evolved from '20 to '21 by adding in Motorcycle's and bicycle's?  Do you know why?


If you have been using Crypto Faucets you know that that you have to prove you are a human and the challenges have evolved quite a bit this year. I firmly believe this is to keep up with the ever evolving AI. The challenges are making the images harder and harder to detect.

Polar-Bear-Side This photo is turned off its axis a simple yet unexpected orientation for something not trained for it.

AI-Eat In this cartoon like pic the food is harder to locate due to the color tones being out of sync with normal expectations of food.

AI-Sea Here the user is asked to identify something that is out of place in the Sea. Again blending of colors making selection harder for machine.


AI-Treasure In this the user is asked to identify 'treasure' well the closest thing to treasure is the treasure chest (which is empty) which may or may not throw off the AI model (just depends on how much context it has for each description. I think the use of Goldfish is funny as they are surrounded by gold circles providing the image of coins (aka treasure)


AI-Pixelin this pixelated image the user has to identify which image is unique. Again the tasks grow harder to defeat scammers using AI to capture free Crypto.




Indirectly, Web users are helping to train AI. What will the future of AI unlock for you? Will you keep up with the user challenges to continue to gain access to websites or locked out to due increasing complexity?  Do you think I am right about the challenges advancing to stay ahead of AI?



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