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By qsyal | qsyal | 8 Sep 2019


Ambrosus is a blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises, enabling secure and frictionless dialogue between sensors, distributed ledgers and databases to optimise supply chain visibility and quality assurance


Ambrosus is a projecet that is seeking to merge the food and pharmaceutical supply chains into blockchain technology.

They aspire to combine sophisticated sensors and blockchain teck to create a reliable supply chain where sellers and consumers alike can track their goods to ensure authenticity, origin and proper handling.

Essentially they have already developed a platform where you can track the you products through the supply chain this will be stored immutably on the blockchain.

However, There are some competitors out  there headed by  Vechain and Waltonchain which offer a similar technology with more fame in the the cryptospace. So. Can Ambrosus succeed in what it seeks?... Let's take a critical look...

What makes Ambroseus unique?

 Ambroseus team is working hard to make their platform outperform its competitor. One the interesting things that the team has done is that they add Javascript  interface which will help developers a lot to find and improve API solutions without any need to learn new programming languages . This will certainly improve the efficiency  of the platform and give developers more space for work and creativity. It is similar solution provided by Lisk Project and supposed to reduce the the friction for new organizations.

Ambroseus platform is build on Etherium blockchain and it includes three primary components :

  • 1-The Measurements Repository: This the first pillar in this platform where product-specific information is recorded and stored immutably which led to effective and accurate tracing for the product.


  • 2-The Requirements Smart Contract: All information and data that are stored in The Measurements Repository will be checked by The Requirements Smart Contract. This Smart Contract will determine if the products being monitored are meeting the customer’s qualities or not.


  • 3- The Amber Token: Amber (AMB) is the fuel and the engine in the Ambroseus platform.Customers need to buy and use Amber Token to ensure their product's information and standards remain up-to-date . It is also used for staking when you want to run a masternode on AMB-NET ,each time an asset or event is created, a small amount of AMB is required as a creation fee.


Ambroseus Performance:

Much of the Ambrosus team is located in Switzerland. they seem ambitious and hardwoking .Team members have been quite active in their development and made a lot code commits on Githup recently.  Even with the last bear months they have grown to 37 members, with openings some new positions.They trying to make many partnerships with big companies around the world.

In October, 2018 , Ambrosus has made a partnership with  the Korean company Nongshim Data Systems (NDS) to track  Mega Mart’s premium quality beef via the Ambrosus blockchain.

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Another  usecase is in Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. The Ambrosus system is also  used by vanilla exporters  to ensure and share information of the products  with various customers throughout the supply chain.There is no doubt that Ambrosus seems to be on the right direction.

In addition to what they have achieved ,There are many purposes that Ambrosus team is aiming to . They mentioned some of their goals in White Paper:

  • Set the global standard for decentralized supply chain management
  • Provide quality assurance in enterprise IoT ecosystems.
  • Monitoring the authenticity protection for luxury products
  • checking delivery conditions for pharmaceuticals and frozen goods
  • Monitoring manufacturing processes




As I mentioned above Ambrosus faces a fierce competition with similar projects  Like Vechain and has a lot of difficulties .The most prominent one is the low levels of liquidity which appear to be concentrated on only one exchange (Binance). The team had some good things in  food industry, but need to break into the pharmaceutical section to prove the best use cases for their project. Furthermore , they have to focus on marketing section there will be  little benefit no matter how great the project is if there are not many people know it. 

Having said that, I believe that Ambrosus is still a super great project. The tokenomics is amazing and far better than most crypto projects that currently exist. Also Ambrosus IoT toolkit is much more developed and sophisticated than Vechain's ,And Fortunately, the team has repeatedly stated that it is aware of the challenges it faces and has promised to focus on the problem of marketing and liquidity. 

With trading at such low prices, I think Ambrosus is one of  few projects that we should watch out.

It will be interesting to know what the next few months are hiding for Ambrosus.




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