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BFG token listing is finally happening

By Qryqtx | The ecosystem of Q | 20 May 2021

With many prospective additions still on their roadmap, BetFury has finally reached the point where listing of their native BFG token, which is simply short for BetFury token, is about to happen as it was announced a couple of hours ago. The listing has been a long time underway and many users of the platform has been awaiting it since the previous BetFury tokens, BFG (BTC) and BFG (TRX), were merged to one single token back in March while at the same time listing was announced as the next roadmap target. Having been an active user on the BetFury platform since late last year, token listing has certainly also been an element to the service that I've been interested in. Although I'm by no means an avid gambler - I've still managed to accumulate a minor portion of BFG tokens up until now that gives a somewhat decent stake return over time.

Online casinos such as BetFury is nothing new. The platform however differentiates from others in some aspects as it comes with added benefits such as a native gambling token. This token also acts as a utility token so that holders receive a portion of the casino earnings depending on the amount of tokens held. One can essentially build up an entire staking portfolio of assets consisting of Bitcoin alongside dominating altcoins such as Ethereum and BNB plus a couple of others while more are likely to be included later on. What's even more appealing is that the BFG token is now poised for listing which is welcomed by those holding a decent amount of the token as it may keep good value considering the utility that comes with it. As such the BetFury platform comes with several incentives worth to consider for establishing a decent stake return and with almost half of the total BFG tokens still unmined so far, there's plenty of room to enter the scene still. One can, of course, accelerate the mining speed significantly by depositing although it is possible to claim free Bitcoin and BNB from BetFury boxes that acts as faucets whereby users may gather a certain amount of each per day and accumulated stake returns can fund further stake increases over time.

As for token price and valuation upon listing, this is yet to be known. The BetFury team does regular token burns and as of 5th May over 1.3b BFG tokens have been burned in support of stake rewards as well as the upcoming listing. It will thus be of significant interest for current users and token holders to see the entry level token valuation when the listing actually occurs as the large staking pool is what many consider the primary benefit of the BFG token and as such appeals to those that want to HODL which will likely have a positive impact on the token value going forward. With the recent additions of Dogecoin and Litecoin to a growing amount of supported cryptocurrencies on the platform, more potential users may decide to join in on the BetFury festivities and mining bonuses for the coming period. These include a 50 % mining boost on all bets during the next week, BFG wheel spins for two weeks whereby one can win up to 3m BFG tokens and the well-known BetFury boxes are getting new additions - for now a BNB box, dubbed as the HODL box, which features a 100 % return if one purchases the 30-day option. Besides this, there's also a Twitter competition ongoing worth 5K BFG tokens. As such, if there's ever been a time for mining BFG tokens on BetFury - then that time is now. This is by no means financial advice and new users should familiarize themselves with, and research, the platform beforehand.

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