QOM Cards: Exclusive Free NFT Collectibles

By Qommando | QOM The Shiba Predator | 11 May 2022

QOM.cards is the home of the new NFT card collection that is exclusive to $QOM holders. They have started with a Crypto Legends set, with the first mints available being those showcasing KodaiRyoshi, and Vitalik Buterin.

QOM Cards Crypto Legends

Minting (creating) cards is completely free, however you must always pay ETH gas fees to do anything on the network, which includes minting NFTs. $QOM holders have the option of directly staking their $QOM tokens, or staking Uniswap LP tokens from the $QOM V2 pool.

When you stake your tokens, over time you accrue cookie crumbs (points). Each card available on QOM.cards will show how many crumbs are required to mint. You must save up your crumbs until you have enough to mint the card that you want. Watch out! Other people are saving their crumbs as well, and might mint your card before you do. Each card will also show how many are available to mint in total (supply). After they are all minted, you will have to buy or trade for them if you want a particular one.

Crumbs cost, and card supply.

Three unique rarities are available for each featured legend in the set:

  1. Common — Available for $QOM stakers. Total supply is 888 each, and require 1400 crumbs to mint.
  2. Rare — Available for $QOM stakers. Total supply is 88, and require 5000 crumbs to mint.
  3. Legendary — Available for $QOM V2 LP stakers. Total supply is 8 each (!!), and require 10,000 LP crumbs to mint.

Regular $QOM crumbs cannot be used to mint legendary cards, and $QOM LP crumbs cannot be used to mint common or rare cards.

You may stake and unstake your tokens whenever you want. This will always cost a ETH gas fee. Your crumbs will always be saved to the ETH address that you connect to the website with.

There’s also one last requirement to be able to mint QOM Cards. The community must work together to at least stake 5% of the $QOM and $QOM LP supply to enable minting. As the community stakes more, the speed at which crumbs accumulate increases, and you can watch this on the status bar.

$QOM LP Status Bar

There will be more cards added to the website for people to mint, however at this time no schedule has been announced. As of the time of writing, Kodai has announced that there are 18 more cards in the queue.

I will be following this article up with more information about QOM Cards, including how to mint, and other related information as well as keeping this one updated. Stay tuned and stay well qommunity. #TrustTheProcess #FlipShiba

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