By qiball | QI-BALL POETRY | 2 Aug 2019

There was a day when I saw light,

When life seemed to come without a fight,

Those days seem now so simple and sweet,

As pain and despair continue to surround my feet,

There was a time when your touch with gentle care,

Came at times when my heart would start to tear,

Times when we sat and would chat,

But all those times I seem to forget,

And even though I have no regret,

I watch as you start to wither away,

This dark has touched my heart today,

And if that wasn't enough,

Form across the world my other best friend from life was took,

Will this darkness I feel ever cease,

Or forever will this pain increase,

I sit on this pres-apace alone,

My mind in darkness roams,

No more a twinkling light inside,

Willing to fight this rising tide,

So maybe now it's time to fade away,

But only if I let darkness win the day,

But alas no I'll stand and fight,

And just continue to do whats right,

I may fall to my knees time to time,

But this darkness I'll not let be my demise.


William Swarner 2019 all rights reserved 

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I am a musician,medical massage therapist, and carpet cleaner and house cleaner right now. I am differently-abled and cannot work that much as I have many different underlying health conditions.My artistic name is QI-BALL I use this name as a poet&artist


This blog will contain poetry that may one day be turned into or adjusted by me to make song lyrics. Then again it may just stay as poetry. LMAO.

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