Python 3: Lesson 0 - The Beginning

By CN00b | Python | 14 Sep 2019

Hi people,

This is the first "lesson" from a set of tutorials about Python, that i'll write for you. I'll try to write short and concise info, not to get you bored with wall of text.
First lesson and it starts with 0? Starts with 0, because in programming, the counting starts from 0. I'll talk about this later. :)

Python is very well known general purpose programming language, OOP( Object Oriented), GUI interpreted ( because the code is directly executed, no need to compile like in a another programming languages),  very easy to learn and it has a large aplicability, especially in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc.

The main goal for developers is, " keeping it fun to use".

Python was invented in 1991 by Guido van Rossum, a dutch programmer. Inspired by ABC and Unix, he created(started in 1989) this programming language to be interpreted, intuitive and easy to read.
If you wonder why it was called Python, it was because he is a great fan of a british show, called "Monty Python Flying Circus". :)
One of the most important feature of this language, is the fact that is open-source. This mean that everybody can contribute, improve, build libraries, etc.
Another great feature is that it works in n environments: linux, windows, mcintosh, arm, etc.
There are 2 main versions of Python, 2.xx and 3.xx, both still used, because there still are libraries on P2 that can't be used in P3( for the moment).
The latest version of Python today, is 3.7.4 and can be downloaded from the official site, .

What can you do with Python?

Well.. Web Development, Scientific and Data Computing, GUI Applications, Build AI's, Machine Learning, Automation(with Selenium library), build Blockchains, and i could write here till tomorrow :P
More technical details to come in the next lesson, where i'll show you how to install it, how to use it and to write your first program.

If you want to learn, remind or just curios about Python, you can Follow, for the next comming lessons.


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In this blog, i'll provide various lessons and tips for begginers and not only (later) about Python (version 3.xx), how to get started, how to use it, how to build an AI, etc. I'll try to cover more parts, but easy to understand, maybe 1-2 lessons/day.

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