Do you know? SADS - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

By Rehjun | Puzzled Thoughts | 21 Jul 2022

SADS 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome' 

To start with, anyone would likely have these questions.. Right?

  • What information is available?
  • Since when this has been happening?
  • What has been changed?

According to British Heart Foundation

"Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome is when someone dies suddenly and unexpectedly from a cardiac arrest, but the cause of the cardiac arrest can't be found. A cardiac arrest is when your heart suddenly stops pumping blood around your body. This stops your breathing and starves your brain of oxygen."

Pay attention to 'A' here it is 'arrhythmic' and not 'Adult'!

But is pretty similar except it is happening mainly in Adults and the cause is unknown! So MSM is trying to portrey it on any and everything except to the answer of 3rd Question above. What has been changed! 

I hope most of you reading will realize the answer yourself. 

BMJ (British Medical Journal) article 


From 1994 to 2003, 453 total case in age range 15-81.

But! Here we are talking about Adults which reduces the range significantly, although the numbers going pretty fast up! 


Although No one officially mentioned but MSM and so-called fact checkers are trying their best to remove one thing from even consideration ..

Did you Guessed it! 



Here is the google search results for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome in news category.. For anyone who is interested to look themselves. 

Search link

Now the search of 'suddenly died, collapse' in news... 

1,080,000 results in 0.40 seconds, Screenshot of 1st 2 pages and news appears is more or less of a week. 



For more info click link below 

Google Search link 2

Another search which actually triggered me to look into this topic was /is news of athletes dropping on the field (seen hundreds of news), personally and i assume generally, this category is considered the most healthy among all and highest levels of fitness!! Also the age range usually is in 20's & 30's

Below is the link and here image is selected for better visibility. 



Athlete Google search results


According to Science Daily

"Up to 80% of athletes who die suddenly had no symptoms or family history of heart disease
June 16, 2022
European Society of Cardiology" 

So 80 % of these Sudden Deaths are unknown and can be considered as abnormal factor! 

Article published which is part of research visualize data from 2001-2021


Link of comple Article

Hopefully by now we may have a rough idea of 3 questions which I put at the start. 

Will work on the Media reporting role to influence the cause, been working on the topic and collecting information. Don't know if to laugh or cry! 





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