Monthly report: a recap of activities in July 2020

Dear Pundians,

We hope you are staying safe and healthy. The pandemic hasn’t made the past months easy but we have continued to stick to the course, innovate and scale our blockchain solutions.

There are a number of opportunities that this “new normal” brings, not to mention new challenges, and we are adapting fast to operate smoothly in this post-pandemic era.

As you can see in the following activities, Pundi X has been at the forefront of delivering tech innovations as well as meeting compliance standards.


PayPal inclusion on XPOS®

PayPal is the first mobile payment gateway included on the XPOS®. Starting from mid Jul, XPOS® merchants are able to easily accept payment via PayPal. This feature has been added based on the result of a Twitter poll, where 70% of respondents voted for PayPal integration, over WeChat Pay, Alipay and GoPay.


XPOS® will support Wanchain’s cross-chain assets

Supporting Wanchain’s ecosystem cross-chain asset into its XPOS devices is in the work. Wanchain is an advanced blockchain interoperability platform using atomic swaps and circumventing the need for cross-chain verification. Assets such as WAN, Wanchain Native Coin, WBTC, WEOS, WETH, etc. will be added to the XPOS® system, making them easily accessible to users in over 30 countries.

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Crypto Zoo is live!

On July 28, we’ve released the Crypto Zoo DApp on the XWallet. Crypto Zoo is an advanced DApp designed to mitigate the risks and protect users’ digital assets. Alongside the launch, we’ve also rolled out two new campaigns on Crypto Zoo: referral program and NPXS transaction discounts which you can enjoy fee discounts and rebate.

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Robust KYC on XWallet

As a regulated service provider, we are required to comply with the guidelines set out by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). To support and comply with AML/CFT standards (Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism), XWallet users must open or maintain a verified account. As a result of this, starting from July 21, 2020, we are required to institute the mandatory Know Your Customer (“KYC”) procedures for all our customers.. If you have encountered any issues of verifying your account, you can always contact our customer service team for support at

On-Chain Deposit is available on merchant/distributor management portal

We’ve also delivered improvements of the Merchant/Distributor Management System by adding the option of “On-Chain Deposit”. XPOS® merchants and distributors have the option to deposit USDT or DAI to fill/re-fill their Crypto Sale Account. The fund transfer speed is dependent on the Etherum network conditions.



In July, we are pleased to see the increase in the number of XPOS® devices being activated in Japan. Do check out the featured Japanese XPOS® merchants below.

Tamaru fortune telling place in Ginza, Japan in Nagasaki, Japan


Cafe Triomphe in Tokyo, Japan


Sun-Q in Osaka, Japan


Welcome to the XPOS® family! Wikipedia Japan also has a dedicated page to introduce Pundi X.


Pundi X


Pundi X (プンディエックス)は、Pundi X Labsによる、…


Pundi X 365 joins European Al Alliance

On the very first day of July, Cyprus-based Pundi X 365 joined the European AI Alliance, a multi-stakeholder forum where members can engage in insightful discussions on all aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) development and the implications it has for society and the economy. To find out more, visit:

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Q2 2020 quarterly report

On July 3rd, Pundi X CEO and Co-founder Zac Cheah and Function X President and Pundi X CLO David Ben Kay hosted a video session to report on our quarterly progress. You can check out the summary here to view the recap of our progress.

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XPOS® Distributor and Merchant Online Workshops

To assist XPOS® distributors to make the best use of Pundi X products and services, we hosted interactive workshops in two tracks on 16–17 July (for distributor portal and business model) and 23–24 July (for the road to adoption). The workshops were made exclusive for XPOS® distributors, merchants, and the Pundi X affiliates, with some sessions only open to selected XPOS® distributors.

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Gregory Di Prisco, Head of Business Development, MakerDAO Foundation, joined as our special guest and presented why merchants should choose DAI as their preferred stable coin. You can watch his presentation below.


XPOS® giveaway twitter campaign
On July 9, United States won 10 free XPOS from the Pundi X’s Crypto League. US merchants and distributors can fill in this form to apply.


Telegram AMA: Binance French and KuCoin Japan

Binance French community hosted a Telegram AMA session with Pundi X on July 9, together with Pundi X’s director of Global Business Development, Melcolm Copeland and Acting Manager of Global Support, Marcus Leblanc.


Pundi X Japan also partnered with KuCoin Japan AMA sessions on Telegram. The session discussed XPOS adoption.

XPOS Handy Flash Sale
To celebrate the 4th of July in the US, Pundi X launched a special flash sale for its XPOS Handy. The price was reduced to US$74 from the retail price of US$270, and was limited to one unit per customer.


Join the XFORCE Community
Pundians are welcome to join XFORCE, a group of dedicated members of the Pundi X community who are passionate about spreading awareness, helping the project to succeed, and supporting future campaigns from both the teams and Pundi X-Force. To know more, visit:

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Special thanks to our community members and media spreading the words about Pundi X, and supporting the vision of making digital currency accessible to more people.

Stay healthy and look forward to seeing you next month!

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Pundi X Supporters Community

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