How to buy PUNCH?


Step 1: Open PancakeSwap via special link: PancakeSwap


Click here to buy PUNCH on PancakeSwap
You can also copy this link:
and paste it in your DApp brower.


Step 2: Connect with your wallet


🖇️ Connect your Binance Smart Chain wallet with PancakeSwap.


Step 3: Import PUNCH token


✅ Check " I understand " and click Import.


Step 4: Choose a currency you want to exchange for PUNCH


⚠️ You need to have some BNB in your wallet to cover transaction fees.
⚠️ You can use Binance exchange to fund your: MetaMask, TrustWallet or any other wallet you've chosen.



⚠️Check slippage


⚠️Set slippage 0.5% to avoid front running bots.


Step 5: Click swap and approve transaction

to exchange selected coin for PUNCH


✅ Good job! Now you can HODL PUNCH tokens or add PUNCH - BUSD Liquidity on Pancakeswap and use our yield farm to farm PUNCH by staking LP tokens.

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Punchline is a multi-chain Play to Earn game with large prize pools and unique NFT rewards.

Punchline - Crypto gaming revolution
Punchline - Crypto gaming revolution

Punchline is an innovative social game where people fantasise about famous people's punchlines and compete to make their punchlines last as long as possible to get rewarded for their skills. It is a revolutionary concept: NFT you can't buy, you have to win it. Profits of holding 0xPunchline native token $PUNCH: farming, automatic token buy backs.

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