PancakeSwap v.2: How to Unstake Liquidity Pool

By Pumpy | Pumpy Farm | 27 Apr 2021

Dear Pumpians,


As you know, Pumpy is actively working with other projects in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, for example, with PancakeSwap. At the moment PancakeSwap is preparing for a major update: they are going to migrate two of our current smart contracts to new, upgraded contracts. In other words, they’re creating a new set of LP Tokens, and our farms and exchange will start supporting the new type instead of the old ones. This is great since it practically means a new version of the protocol (v.2).


While the PancakeSwap upgrade is undergoing, the expected yield of pools might be altered. In this regard, we've composed a short 10 steps guide how to unstake liquidity pools (LP). Here it is:

  1. In the Farms section in the token pivot table, select the required liquidity pair for unstaking.


 2. After selecting it and opening additional information, click on the "-"

 3. The "Unstake LP Tokens" window appears in which you need to specify the desired number of tokens for unstaking.


 4. Press "Confirm" and Metamask shows up to confirm the operation, once again press "Confirm".


 5. After this is complete, go to the Liquidity section. This section will display the previous pair of liquidity tokens that you staked.



 6. Select this pair and click "Remove"; then the window appears indicating the number of tokens for "split".


 7. Set the quantity to max and press "Approve"; you will see a Metamask window. Click "Sign".


 8. After that, the "Remove" button is unlocked to perform the final operation and split the liquidity tokens. Press it.


 9. Press "Confirm".


 10. You get a message that the transaction has been sent and in some time you receive tokens back.


We would like to thank you for using Pumpy. We have big plans for development, follow the news and subscribe to us on Twitter and join our Telegram chat.

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