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Soul Stone(Unedited) Part 2

15 Oct 2020 3 minute read 1 comment Superpuft

The morning’s in Runeport could be quite cold, since it was a coastal town, a frequent seabreeze would constantly wake the townspeople with it’s chilling humidity. In the summer, the breeze was usually welcome, but this was the dead of winter. Even b...

Soul Stone(Unedited) Part 1

10 Aug 2020 7 minute read 1 comment Superpuft

By: C. Ryan Alexander G. A light seemed to radiate from within, as the young man gazed into the crimson jewel he held in his hand. The young man, Carth, seemed mesmerized, if not hypnotized, by the alluring light coming from within the jewel and with...

Fantasy Mystery Short Story- No official title, No plans on continuation

2 Feb 2020 6 minute read 0 comments Superpuft

The heavy rain was pounding on the rooftop of the inn, but no matter how loud it was, it couldn’t drown out the scene set before me. My best friend, Tink, lay dead on the floor before me with a gaping hole in his chest. Tink was a good-hearted fellow...

Curious Explosions- Part 1

1 Feb 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Superpuft

A loud explosion could be heard from quite the distance. Alexander, a young boy, knew that sound could only come from one place in the whole city of Carth. Alexander frantically ran in the direction of the explosion. Fumes assaulted Alexander’s sense...