VECTORIUM:- An Advance Way of Generating Energy and Cryptocurrency from Waste Product

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In today's world system, the waste management has neglected to offer sufficient treatment and transfer of waste to render innocuous to human and creature life-the nature and condition for the most part. Legitimate waste management assume to offer an absolute end of contamination, but instead overseeing waste transfer has turned into a noteworthy worry in spite of a few endeavors by progressive governments and private associations toward that path. The challenges of waste management includes absence of satisfactory subsidizing, inordinate populace, absence of complete legitimate structure and authorization of the current guidelines, low interest in infrastructure,inadequate human limit with respect to authoritative and specialized issues, wrong mentality of people in general towards strong waste treatment etc.


The blockchain  is a technology that has the features to provide solutions to the challenges most sectors were facing today. I believe we have all seen how blockchain revolutionize the financial, health, and gaming system etc. The blockchain can as well take the job of waste management and that is the main aim of this article.


Do you know that there are prominent way we can utilize our waste products rather than disposing it? That idea was brought a platform called Vectorium.




Vectorium is a project that is working on technology that can turn biomass to energy. In order to achieve this ideology, they are going to to implement artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Vectorium want to build a zero emission energy production environment from waste products.


Vectorium will implement a Waste to Coin principle generating renewable energy and cryptocurrency from a waste products which are already treated. The energy generated might be either from a sublimation or combustion of those raw waste products.


Vectorium Consortiums is part of the product to be designed by Vectorium. The Vectorium Consortiums will be a medium where energy and cryptocurrency are produced. The Vectorium Consortiums was designed to be powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence






  • It is an alternative way of energy generation
  • It is a renewable energy
  • It is very cheap and easy to manage
  • Zero emission process
  • Environment friendly
  • Wealth creation by turning the waste resources around to energy which you can sell to other consumers.
  • Room for individual to control and manage energy generation and distribution by themselves.


Vectorium is a two coin based project, the two coin has a key role to play with the objective of this project. The coins is the digital assets and currency that will be driving the platform. The two coins are named "Vectorium Flash and Vectorium Plus".

Vectorium Flash


Vectorium Flash can be mined from your home and convenient location with appropriate tools from a renewable source. Vectorium flash can be exchanged in a cryptocurrency exchanges. The Vectorium flash coins can be burned and converted to energy credit coupons.


Vectorium Plus


With Vectorium Plus, you can become a stakeholder and rightful owner of Vectorium Consortiums (this means you have the right to the channel to the place where energy or cryptocurrency can be produced). Vectorium Plus is a helpful way to convert mined coins to energy and consortium shares which you can earn up to 20% additionally annually.


The platform are currently selling the Vectorium Plus coin to raise funds for the development of the platform. They are also selling the Vectorium Plus coin to people that are willing to be part of Vectorium Consortiums as that is the only way to become part of the rightful owner of where energy and cryptocurrency are produced.


The IEO is taking place at Finexbox cryptocurrency exchange; follow this link and buy VCTP coin with 20% off


The investors can invest on VCTP coin with their credit card following this link



All I want you to know about Vectorium project is that they want to build a place where energy and cryptocurrency can be produced from treated waste products. The want to digitalize every process about energy generation and energy distribution by allowing consumers to manage everything by themselves. 


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