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By Publish404 | PublishOx | 22 Aug 2019

Opportunities has passed many freelancers because they don't have link to connect to available jobs for themselves. Mycro has come to resolve that challenges by building a decentralized application that connects job seekers and employers. The Mycro platform is a blockchain based project and it is incorporating all blockchain features to decentralized and revolutionize this ecosystem.




The aim of Mycro platform is to create a medium jobbers and service providers meet to solve their various needs. The platform will serve as a medium where freelancers can get a job and have a direct contact with his employer.

Mycro protocol is to create a peer to peer connection for an effective way of communication and performing of transaction in a trusted network. The platform has an integrated algorithm and API that makes it possible for an effective communication from one user to another in the same network. Through the Mycro platform, we can get connected to service providers that can help us some jobs like house and home cleaning (cooking, washing etc), home delivery, virtual services and other skills services.





Mycro is a decentralized platform that does not have a central body controlling the platform. In this platform, everybody has equal rights about the activities of the platform. Decentralization here also means no intermediary is needed, third party are all eliminated.



Transparency and Trust are part of the Mycro protocol. The Mycro platform is a blockchain project that utilizes smart contracts to run the transaction between both parties. Mycro is a completely trusted platform that has a decentralized rating system and proper verification system. With this infrastructure, user rating and verification process are reliable, no manipulation, no third party, all are being executed with smart contracts.




The Mycro platform has implemented all security measures to safe the platform against any form of attacks. The blockchain technology has features that is more secure than the traditional system




The platform are very active in terms of payment facilities. Mycro has a decentralized payment system that uses smart contract as an escrow. Smart contract will help the employer and the service providers to execute transactions within themselves without any middleman. The payment is executed immediately a given task have been performed by the service provider and it will get delivered immediately.



Mycro runs a democratic system that enhance democratized ratings. Unlike the centralized platform that does the rating by themselves, here the autonomy is given to the users to take charge of their rating data and information. 





The Mycro platform innovation is to tokenize this ecosystem; therefore, an ethereum based token termed MYO was created. The platform chosen ethereum because it has the most effective means of payment (fast transaction). The MYO will be used to power the Mycro platform and it will be used as a means of exchange within the ecosystem. There are various ways of utilizing MYO token, but in a simple understanding, the MYO is the currency for the platform. Let assume someone employ me to do a task, and after done, the jobber will pay me MYO token as means of exchange.




Name: Mycro token

Sticker: MYO

Platform: Ethereum

Type: Utility token

Token supply: 100,000,000 MYO



In our various fields and offices, the task ahead of us make things complicated for us to have time to do homework and taking care of our family. Taking myself as case study; I go to work by 7 a.m and close by 6 p.m everyday from Monday till Saturday. I never have time to watch my cloth nor have time to clean the surroundings. This is where there is a need to hire a freelancer or service providers that will be doing such mini jobs for me. This is where Mycro platform comes into play; there have built a platform that can connect those of us that have no time to the people that can do the job. With your application, you can get a job, go and perform the task and get paid immediately with MYO token. This token can be tradable or exchange it for fiats. 

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