The new Coronavirus application - DO NOT DOWNLOAD

The new Coronavirus application - DO NOT DOWNLOAD

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 20 Mar 2020

This is a vitally important publication, read it very carefully, my only intention is to inform the community

there are already several infected


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It is clear that this issue is of vital importance, and as we all know, it is a virus that affects millions of people worldwide, This virus is so contagious, there's even a mobile phone app that can affect you, This news is going around the world today, please do not download this application called coronavirusapp

This virus, has made that some developers take advantage of this situation, we have of example the crypto currency Coronacoin that allowed the users to bet by the amount of deaths and infected by this virus

Now comes this app, which supposedly informs you in real time of everything that is happening in the world on this particular topic

But nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, it is a ransomware platform known as Covid Lock that hides behind the facade of coronavirus tracking software.

As I commented, supposedly this application offers information on this topic in real time, and it is worth noting that such information is totally false, once downloaded it will ask for our information to log in as a new user

If we finally give our information and log in, the ransomware goes deep into the phone and finally locks the screen, preventing the user from seeing or accessing any of their accounts

and asks the victim user to pay up to $100 at BTC to unlock their phone. Ransomware also states that all data and applications will be deleted if the person does not make payment within two days

This is not a joke, if you see such an application do not download or open it


Thank you very much for entering and reading this publication

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