Spain extends another 15 days of confinement by the CORONAVIRUS

Spain extends another 15 days of confinement by the CORONAVIRUS

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 22 Mar 2020

Just a few minutes ago the news was released that Spain, being so affected by the deadly virus, the confinement of the country, extends for another 15 days

This virus spreads as if it were a great flood, it seems not to want to stop, and in its path it does not stop leaving thousands of infected and thousands of dead already in Spain

The increase in the number of confirmed cases of this deadly virus in Spain now stands at 28,872 and a total of 1,720 people have already died.

quick test to detect the virus

The first rapid tests to detect this deadly virus that affects the entire country, the first to receive them will be hospitals and nursing homes




Total figures: 28,572 cases diagnosed, 1,720 deaths

9,702 in Madrid (1,021 deaths)
4,704 in Catalonia (191 deaths)
2,097 in the Basque Country (97 deaths)
1,604 in the Community of Valencia (69 deaths)
1,725 in Andalusia (47 deaths)
1,819 in Castilla-La Mancha (112 dead)
1,744 in Castile and Leon (74 dead)
654 in La Rioja (18 dead)
794 in Navarra(14 dead)
915 in Galicia (12 dead)
545 in Asturias (8 dead)
532 in Aragon (24 dead)
384 in Extremadura (14 dead)
414 in the Canary Islands (7 dead)
331 in Balearic Islands (8 dead)
296 in Murcia (1 dead)
282 in Cantabria (5 dead)
25 in Melilla
5 in Ceuta
2,575 people have been cured

Source: Ministry of Health

For this reason, a communication has been made by our president Pedro Sanchez, that Spain will spend a month confinement after extending another 15 days, has already been communicated through a video conference to the autonomous presidents of Madrid, Basque Country, and Catalonia being these the most affected by this virus

Meanwhile millions of Spaniards in their homes without being able to leave, waiting for this to happen as quickly as possible, to see how far we can go, I am from Murcia, and we already have a dead person here, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty

Our hospitals are overflowing, almost 70% of the dead are elderly, we also have health personnel who have died, nursing homes without the means to prevent this virus, and there are still people out on the streets



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