Metable Could Be the Next Big Crypto of 2024?


With Bitcoin stabilizing above $50,000, the entire crypto world is experiencing a resurgence after a prolonged bear market. For crypto investors eager to uncover the next big project to invest in, there's a new significant opportunity emerging in the metaverse and education sector. A project born in 2021 and, after successfully developing throughout the bear market, is now poised to reap the rewards of its hard work in the imminent Bull Run. We're talking about Metable.


$1.525 Million Available: Here's How Metable's Token Pre-Sale Works

Having concluded the previous land sales in 2022 and 2023, Metable is now ready to bring the world of online education to the blockchain with the official launch of its metaverse in March 2024.

Thanks to Metable, digital courses can now be bought, studied, and resold like books, reducing training costs for students while enabling teachers to earn passive income through royalties from future resales. Limited edition courses by renowned educators may appreciate in value over time, akin to collectible artist portfolios. Entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to acquire virtual assets and schools for rental passive income purposes or speculative investments.

But before the official launch of the metaverse, Metable is kicking off its special and limited Token Pre-Sale.

In the token pre-sale, Metable tokens will be sold at lower prices than the official listing. The pre-sale is divided into 30 rounds, with a limited quantity of tokens available for sale at a specific price in each round. After each round is completed, the sale automatically moves to the next round until the last round is exhausted.

The total Metable tokens available for sale are 100,000,000, which is 10% of the tokenomics. The fundraising goal is $1,525,000, which will be used entirely for viral marketing campaigns and technology development.

Starting from round 1, there are only 500,000 Metable Tokens available for sale at an incredible price of $0.005 compared to the token price expected for the listing of a potential $0.03. With each round, the token prices will progressively increase until reaching $0.0195 in the last round.

The pre-sale tokens do not have vesting periods, making them immediately tradable at the time of listing. Metable tokens will be listed on major exchanges at the end of the last round, with information on exchanges communicated after the final round.


Participants in the token pre-sale will also benefit from staking functionality to earn additional Metable tokens in the months following the pre-sale.


Why the Value of Metable Token is Destined to Rise?

The value of the Metable token is expected to increase over time because it is a fundamental asset in the metaverse economy and provides significant utility to its lucky holders. Here are some reasons:

  • First and foremost, the Metable token will be the primary currency of the metaverse economy. Anyone who wants to study, teach, or do business in Metable will need to own Metable tokens. This will gradually increase demand over time.
  • The Metable token is also the governance token of the metaverse, giving holders decision-making power proportionate to the quantity of tokens owned.
  • Every transaction in the metaverse will burn a portion of the Metable token, reducing its supply and increasing its value.
  • The Metable token will also need to be used by all advertisers who want to promote their courses or schools.
  • Finally, Metable token holders will have access to exclusive special drops of assets.


125x at Listing: Will Metable Be the Next Big Cryptocurrency?

The timing of Metable's presale event is perfect. With Bitcoin above $50,000 and a crypto market that is regaining investor interest, Metable has all the ingredients to be the next big home run in the crypto world.

At the time of listing, Metable's market cap will be just $8M. This means that if the project were to achieve just a billion-dollar market cap (in line with the market cap of its main competitors), the profit margin could be 125x.

By purchasing tokens in the pre-sale, investors could potentially see even higher returns.

Metable tokens are currently available in the pre-sale at a price of $0.005, with a profit margin of 500% compared to the listing price set at $0.03. Don't miss this opportunity; visit Metable's official website and join the pre-sale.


About Metable:

Metable is a Switzerland-based company comprising a team of 25 skilled individuals and three experienced founders. The company is revolutionizing education by merging blockchain with virtual reality to create the world's first metaverse exclusively focused on learning. Metable is diligently working towards bringing these possibilities to life, with the launch of the first playable version of the metaverse scheduled for March 2024. In the past 2 years of development, Metable has amassed a substantial following across various social media platforms, including Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Medium, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


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