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Nevertheless and notwithstanding the Internet has become the main topic to discuss due to its advantages and disadvantages. There are some things that make it harder for web developers to build websites that satisfy all the needs a user might have. Thus, we are always looking for the best platforms to help us create outlets worth promoting to worldwide users, have a fast loading speed, and benefit from an efficient hosting service. 

With the constant progress of the online world, it is no surprise that so many web hosting services have emerged and are trying to reach as many clients as possible. However, some of them stand out thanks to the benefits they offer and PQ.Hosting is a good example. 

Let us explore what makes PQ.Hosting a top choice for worldwide web developers?

Personalized Pricing Plans and Constant Support

PQ.Hosting was launched in 2019. It is also known as Perfect Quality Hosting and surprises users with numerous significant advantages at competitive prices. For PQ.Hosting the most important thing is its clients’ satisfaction and considering that the platform has tens of thousands of users from 38 countries.

One of PQ.Hosting’s main goals is in its highly-qualified support — it is available 24/7/365. Besides, this provider is perfect at its pricing for clients all over the world. Unlike some other web hosting services, PQ.Hosting offers 12 pricing plans for every server country, thus covering the needs and preferences of a remarkably wider audience. 

Creating personalized pricing plans does nothing but increase PQ.Hosting’s user base with each day that passes, and this can be the path to success. Furthermore, the server rental process is extremely straightforward and user-friendly. To rent a server, all you need to do is: 

  • select a type of server (VPS/VDS server or dedicated server);
  • select a server country; 
  • choose a pricing plan;
  • order the server to finish the process.

Considering the company's wide and loyal audience, its constant focus on the clients and its presence on a global level, PQ.Hostingwon’t disappoint when talking about how it supports its users. To reach its goals as easily and consistently as possible, PQ.Hosting offers 24/7/365 support for all of its users. No matter the pricing plan you choose, you will be eligible to benefit from constant specialized support. 

Web Speed at its Finest

In today's fast-paced digital world, the patience for slow-loading websites is thin. Users demand swift and efficient online experiences without the wait. Understanding this need for speed, PQ.Hosting dedicates itself to delivering top-notch services with remarkable velocity. With a variety of pricing plans across several countries featuring speeds up to 10GBps, PQ.Hosting stands out for its rapid service. Additionally, server setup is impressively quick; it becomes operational in no more than 15 minutes after rental. Therefore, PQ.Hosting has not only set high-speed service as one of its primary objectives but has consistently met this goal among others, marking its achievements in the hosting industry.

High Accessibility for Worldwide Users

PQ.Hosting is all about helping its users easily navigate through a topic that might seem a bit draining at first. Therefore it offers surprisingly high accessibility to over 100,000 users from tens of countries.

When it comes to payment methods, PQ.Hosting supports a plethora of options. With over 24 traditional payment methods, PQ.Hosting covers numerous popular services, such as Visa, Mastercard.

If you prefer to rely on cryptocurrencies and the safety and transparency that they offer, PQ.Hosting ensures that you have many crypto coins and tokens to choose from, including popular options, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance Coin (BNB), Dogecoin, (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), and Dash (DASH). 

Discover More

To learn more about PQ.Hosting and its services, check out its official website. Furthermore, you can follow the project’s activity on Telegram, VK, Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), and YouTube


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