Aurora, the Full Open Source Community Driven Meta-Universe


Aurora is the first metaverse to be developed by and for the benefit of the community. Since this is a gaming platform, the interests of the community will primarily extend to the gaming sector using GameFi technology in Play-to-Earn games.

AURORA, the BNB Chain token with hyper deflationary mechanism

Aurora is a full-fledged cryptocurrency project with its own AURORA token, which bridges the platform and its GameFi with traditional finance. The token is launched on the most popular Proof-of-Stake consensus blockchain, BNB Chain (former Binance Smart Chain, BSC). This is the most efficient blockchain with the ability to run smart contracts, with high bandwidth and low fees. It is considered green and energy efficient because it requires significantly less power to keep the network running than is used by the Bitcoin blockchain and other Proof-of-Work consensus blockchains, including Ethereum.

AURORA can be traded on crypto exchanges, so users can get direct income. Buying AURORA tokens can be considered a profitable investment because this token has a built-in hyper-deflationary model. The price of the token will constantly rise due to the fact that the part of the tokens is burnt. This model has proven to be excellent for the native BNB Chain token, the BNB token is constantly growing in price. In the same way, the AURORA token will increase in price constantly. The total supply is 10K Trillion AURORAs. 15% will be burnt as a purchase deflation fee, and 20% will be burnt as a selling deflation fee. Burning will continue until total circulation will decline to 3000W Billion.

In addition, the price of AURORA will rise via in-game use and use to buy NFTs.


The native AURORA token will be used to trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the built-in NFT marketplace. NFTs have become a trend in the cryptocurrency industry and have been trending for two years now. Their use is expanding as they serve as a bridge with real finance and due to the possibility to tokenize real items and assets. Initially, NFTs were of interest to artists and musicians so that they could promote their work and sell their masterpieces. Now NFTs are increasingly being used in the gaming industry. With NFTs gamers can take ownership of in-game items, and trade or exchange them on the Aurora NFT marketplace. At the marketplace everyone can also mint and sell NFTs, pegged to any type of created content, including art, memes, videos, music etc.

GameFi with P2E

Game-Fi is the new growing trend in gaming. Thanks to the use of cryptocurrencies, it has become possible to earn money by playing. Players can earn money for the time they spend in games while moving from game to game in the Aurora metaverse. When passing game levels, players get bonuses and rewards in AURORA tokens, which they can sell later on the exchange. They can also earn or buy NFTs, which can be exchanged or sold on the NFT marketplace. Rare game items pegged to NFT can grow in value very quickly and will also bring profit to users. The game may become the main activity for some of the users, because the total income will be comparable to the income in the real world.

DAO manner governance

An important use of the AURORA token is to govern the development of the platform. Governing will be realized using a mechanism like DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Users who hold AURORA tokens on their account get the opportunity to make proposals for the development of the Aurora ecosystem.

P2E games will develop in the metaverse. Users will be able to make proposals on what kind of games should be launched and how they are interconnected with the other games. In the metaverse, gamers can move from game to game and keep the items they have acquired in the game. Developers will get feedback from gamers, so new games will enjoy growing popularity and attract even more users to the metaverse.

The feedback from users will also attract developers. New members of the development team will be able to find interesting opportunities for themselves. The creators of the Aurora metaverse hope that the BNB Chain (former BSC) developer community will apply their expertise in the fields of simulation, VR, AR, computer graphics, man-machine interface, multimedia, sensor and network technologies, and others? which will be widely implemented in the metaverse.

Aurora, thanks to the use of the most modern trends in the crypto industry, such as P2E gaming, NFT minting and NFT trading and governance via DAO, can become one of the most popular metaverses very shortly.

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