Toncoin: The New Way to Pay for Telegram Ads on

56f41e6b19a281347794f24e2c490ece9eeda95bf5dab1867363864e44762e2f.jpg is thrilled to expand its payment methods to include Toncoin for Telegram advertising, a move that signifies deeper integration with the cryptocurrency ecosystem and widens the range of advertising opportunities on the platform. This update underscores's commitment to advancing promotional strategies for web3 startups and aiding in the identification and growth of upcoming crypto projects. As a pivotal link to the crypto Telegram communities, is instrumental in ensuring that nascent web3 projects gain the necessary visibility and engagement for their success.

By adopting TON as a payment option, reinforces its position as a pioneering force in Telegram marketing, skillfully adapting to the evolving needs of the digital advertising and blockchain industries.

Now is the perfect time for content creators in the Telegram ecosystem to boost their visibility and connect more deeply with their audience. Listing your channel on makes accessing and benefiting from monetization opportunities both direct and feasible.


Key Advantages of Utilizing Toncoin on

  • Seamless Reinvestment: Empower your promotional endeavors by reinvesting Toncoin ad revenue back into campaigns, ensuring an unbroken cycle of growth and visibility.
  • Borderless Campaigns: Leverage Toncoin to transcend traditional financial barriers, launching your global advertising campaigns with ease.
  • Crypto-Centric Solutions: Tailored for the unique dynamics of crypto ventures, Toncoin enhances your strategy and delivery, making it the go-to choice for crypto-focused channels and businesses. — Your Go-To for Telegram Crypto Promotions

Standing tall as a leading ad exchange, integrates Toncoin for seamless payments, showcasing a vast catalog of over 5,000 Telegram channels, including more than 370 crypto Telegram groups and channels. Here, web3 startups and projects find a platform to discover, promote, and thrive.


What Makes Stand Out:

  • Varied Payment Options: From Toncoin to major cryptocurrencies like USDT TRC20 and BTC, we cater to all your payment needs alongside traditional methods.
  • Genuine Connections: Our access to verified channels ensures your promotions reach real, engaged audiences.
  • Focused Growth: With, your attention remains on strategic development, supported by our streamlined campaign management.
  • Strategic Recommendations: Benefit from our tailored advice to improve ad targeting and extend your reach across the Telegram community.


Empowering Web3 Marketing Agencies offers targeted promotional services, enabling web3 marketing agencies to propel crypto brands to new heights on Telegram. Whether through independent efforts, collaboration, or utilizing our extensive resources, is your partner in achieving efficient and impactful marketing outcomes.

Embrace the next era of Telegram advertising with Our platform combines an intuitive interface, efficient ad placements, and innovative solutions tailored for the ever-evolving demands of digital marketers and advertisers. Start promoting your service, product, or project on Telegram effortlessly today by exploring the Catalog.


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