Prime Debut: CAIZcoin Introduces Islamic Federated Byzantine Agreement Consensus Mechanism


Bratislava, 15. September 2023. - CAIZcoin, the Fiqh-compliant early leader in the blockchain industry, is pleased to announce the introduction of the Islamic Federated Byzantine Agreement (IFBA) consensus mechanism, an important milestone that sets an unprecedented standard in blockchain consensus viability. The IFBA is a substantial upgrade over Stellar's Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) framework, serving a solid, Islamic-compliant solution to ledger consensus.

The Blockchain industry has an ongoing focus on creating the optimal solution to the challenge of reaching consensus across distributed nodes while avoiding opposing and incompatible outcomes. In a major breakthrough, CAIZcoin's IFBA model delivers an excellent solution that holds onto Islamic beliefs and maintains node agreement on ledger contents. Through constant decision-making processes with a guaranteed quorum intersection, this design delivers full resilience.

CAIZcoin Introduces Three innovations to Preserve Islamic Finance Principles

By tackling the issues that the FBA possesses, CAIZcoin's Islamic Federated Byzantine Agreement (IFBA) development represents an outstanding advancement in the crypto industry. IFBA introduces three major changes that have a chance to totally transform the whole blockchain  cryptocurrency sectors:

  1. Islamic Supervisory Nodes: The IFBA has specialized nodes supervised by Islamic scholars who defend the highest moral and ethical principles. The integrity and compliance of the blockchain to Islamic standards are to be guaranteed by these Islamic Supervisory Nodes.
  2. Verified Public Nodes: IFBA commits to the principle of transparency. Verified public nodes are vital for fostering transparency and accountability within the network, thereby raising the integrity of the blockchain.
  3. Caiz Consensus Protocol: The Caiz Consensus Protocol establishes a solid foundation to attain consensus while adhering to Islamic values and serves as the core component of the IFBA system. This protocol makes sure that nodes in the Caiz blockchain network can always reach a consensus, sustaining the blockchain's ongoing operation and Fiqh compliance.

The whole blockchain sector has seen substantial improvements thanks to CAIZcoin. With these innovations, decisions are made with diligence, data is made transparent, and improper conduct is sanctioned. To also emphasize, CAIZcoin always ensures adherence to Islamic law. 

The Caiz Consensus Protocol, Islamic Supervisory Nodes, and verified public nodes have all been designed, created and implemented by CAIZcoin. The CAIZ Ecosystem will be increasingly trustworthy and secure attributable to these enhancements. 

This is an important victory for CAIZcoin and the blockchain industry. It improves the fairness, longevity, and commitment to the Islamic principles of the blockchain making it possible for users all around the world to first enter in an era of financial freedom or simply being finally able to find a reality in line with their beliefs.


About Caiz 

Caizcoin stands as the premier Islam-compliant Blockchain Ecosystem rooted in the EU.

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