Mosdex Provides Solution to Volatility in the Crypto Markets

One of the main issues mainstream investors have with the crypto sector is its volatility. Even amongst the top coins on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, prices can vary by double-digit percentages in just a few days.

A major reason for this is that, unlike centralized financial markets, no central authority controls prices. On the one hand, that is good since it ensures democratic pricing. However, it is bad for investors on the other hand.

The huge swings in asset prices on various exchanges make it hard to predict profits in the crypto markets. Even the most experienced traders in the financial markets cannot grasp the crypto markets.

Mosdex is the Perfect Solution

Mosdex is the perfect solution to the volatility prevalent in the crypto markets. It acts as an island of calmness in a sea of turbulence. On Mosdex, participants are assured of a steady passive income, whether prices of crypto assets are rising or dropping.

Mosdex is a crypto arbitrage platform owned by Mosdex LLC, based in Finland. The blockchain's processes are automated and secured, ensuring unprecedented transparency. Mosdex is the brainchild of an experienced team of professionals with experience in blockchain, DeFi, tokenization, arbitrage trading, and crypto trading. The team created Mosdex to ensure traders enjoy easy, steady profits with minimal risk and multiple income streams.  

Why Mosdex Stands Out

Mosdex is not the first crypto arbitrage platform in the world. Nevertheless, it stands out from the pack. Mosdex is the only crypto arbitrage platform able to earn participants a steady income. Additionally, Mosdex runs on the blockchain, meaning anyone can audit platform transactions via a blockchain explorer.

Everyone who audits Mosdex finds that the platform is unlike any other. Its claims are true, and profits are distributed on time. This is made possible by the automation of the Mosdex platform. All profits are realistic, dependable, and assured. Thus far, everyone who has invested in Mosdex has only praise for it.

There is a good reason why Mosdex excels above the rest. AI, Machine Learning, and big data power the platform. With these technologies, it can easily identify the most profitable arbitrage opportunities while minimizing risk.

The powerful matching engine built into the platform can discover millions of trading opportunities worth only a few pennies at a time. However, their cumulative effect is that everyone on the platform earns a dependable passive income.

Its AI-powered engine is always running, which means that whether the market is rising or falling, Mosdex will always identify profitable opportunities. The Mosdex protocol also has a blockchain-based architecture that ensures all transactions occur transparently.

How Does Mosdex Execute Trades

Mosdex utilizes numerous arbitrage techniques to earn users of the platform a profit. The techniques are:

Cross Exchange Arbitrage

This entails comparing prices on different exchanges for the same asset and then trading the price difference. However, a normal trader would never see these differences. Most of them last only seconds and are too small to profit from due to exchange fees. AI allows Mosdex to identify the opportunities in microseconds and take full advantage of them.

Triangular Exchange

The process entails trading three coins against each other on the same platform. The result is that the trader ends up in a better position than when starting. The benefit of using this technique is that there are no exchange fees, which ensures bigger profits for Mosdex and its users.

Defi Arbitrage

To engage in DeFi arbitrage trading, Mosdex relies on smart contracts. All DeFi exchanges, called AMMs, conduct trades automatically. With the right smart contract, one can quickly discover price differences across various MMAs, and utilize them to make profits.

Staking-based Arbitrage Powered by Profit Sharing Mechanism

Mosdex also offers a staking-based arbitrage. It has a profit-sharing model built into it to ensure maximum yield during yield arbitrage trading. While the process of how Mosdex executes trades is complex with staking-based arbitrage, the results are simple. Everyone makes money.

To take part in this program, all you need to do is deposit funds. The platform will then perform complex calculations and trade execution with AI and Machine Learning. Once profits are made, an agreed-upon model is used to share them.

The screen grab below demonstrates this perfectly. From the image, the bot share earns a profit of slights above 35%. All of the rest of the profits go to the investor. That is impressive, considering that the investor does none of the work. It further speaks to how fair the entire Mosdex platform is for everyone.


Is the Wallet Secure?

On Mosdex, you will not have to provide your financial details. That means all your banking details are not required to deposit funds on the platform. The only way to deposit funds on Mosdex is via a crypto wallet address.

Once you set up an account on the platform, you will be issued a non-custodial wallet. Being a non-custodial wallet means that no one but yourself has access to the funds inside it. You can use this wallet to store your crypto funds. Mosdex has no access to this wallet, which means it is a secure wallet. The wallet currently supports BTC and USDT deposits. Once Mosdex distributes profits to users, it will send your funds to this wallet. You can move the funds from one wallet to another or crypto exchange without restrictions.

The use of a crypto wallet means that not only are transactions secure, but they are also completed quite fast. You can move thousands of dollars’ worth of crypto earnings or more within seconds, and no one can stop. This is unlike banks, where they sometimes treat your own transactions as suspicious and confiscate your funds.


Mosdex is a revolutionary platform that minimizes the risk of participating in the crypto markets while maximizing profits. Anyone worldwide is welcome to sign up for an account on Mosdex. Its creators aim to make it fun and profitable to participate in the crypto sector with minimal risk. Sign up today to earn an easy passive income!


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