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How Does Hoo Smart Chain Promote the Implementation of Metaverse Concept

Since Facebook renamed itself to Meta and headed towards the metaverse, the fever of the metaverse has reached a new high. The soaring data for the term "Metaverse" in Google Trends shows that this keyword is currently a hot topic all over the world. It is not just Mark Zuckerberg who has bullish confidence in the metaverse. Disney recently announced that they plan to create a branded metaverse of their own by connecting the physical and digital worlds around the company's IPs. These IPs include both iconic characters such as Buzz Lightyear and Princess Elsa, as well as brands such as Star Wars, Marvel, The Muppet Movie and Disney Animation Studios. In addition, technology giant Microsoft also released a statement saying that the company is trying to launch an enterprise version of the metaverse, in which users will be able to use PowerPoint and Excel.


In addition to these well-known companies, various cryptocurrency exchanges are also actively working on the layout related to the metaverse. Hoo Smart Chain (HSC), a decentralized and energy-efficient BlockChain, was launched by the Hoo Group on May 1, 2021. It provides developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment to run decentralized smart contract applications (DApps) and store digital assets. According to the recent news, HSC is aiming to build a vertical metaverse application in the coming phase, and is committed to providing effective solutions and innovative development for the growth and improvement of blockchain ecology.

Based on the fundamental principles of "conciseness, resilience, security, sustainability and decentralization", HSC is going to make constant improvements to achieve the iterative innovation of underlying technology, multi-chain interconnection, asset flow and data migration between multiple chains. To promote the stereoscopic network of BlockChain systems, the following four stages of innovation will be upgraded to make HSC a vertical metaverse ecological public blockchain.

a. Visualization - Figurative Data and Ecology Vitalization

In the visualization stage, all the data on the chain will be visualized and given its ecological life. Each transaction is an ecological creation, and  the chain interaction data can be intuitively felt, and freely manage  the ecological arrangement. Meanwhile, these data clearly display the total Gas Fee consumption and input and output, participate in the building of the personal world, design your own city, and automatically rank it according to prosperity. Ecological projects own growth models and the ecological cycle will go through different phrases, such as: growth, prosperity, precipitation and withering, etc. In addition, land resources, public buildings, transportation systems, urban construction, and indigenous people's plans are all part of the visualization.

b. Stereoscopic - 3D Stereoscopic

In the stereoscopic stage, HSC will realize the living of DeFi protocols and NFT applications, that is, the protocols on the chain will be shown through the living of the indigenous residents, such as learning and education, public resources, entertainment and games, consumption and shopping, finance, work, media, and network, etc. All of these can be shown in depth through different protocols. Different from the Internet world, in the world where the protocols link everything, the indigenous residents will live completely in a virtual 3D world and feel the parallel world of the metaverse of the metaverse.

c. Interactivity - Parallel World SocialFi

Interactivity is upgraded on the stereoscopic basis. SocialFi's ecology shows the value of individuals through the links between people and people as well as people and things. SocialFi is also the embodiment of Social Web3.0, which builds a perfect and self-contained economic system for users. Everyone can gain revenue by providing their own value. HSC will also be a unique ecology to promote the implementation of Web3.0.

d. Metaverse - VR Technology Holographic

When visualization, stereoscopic and more and more interactions between users and each independent protocol are realized, HSC will enter the metaverse world, which will combine VR, wearable devices and other innovative technologies to create a real on-chain world with immersive, interactive and conceptual characteristics.  Users can break through the limitations of time and space to enter the completely virtual world and feel the "real world" in the virtual world. The inhabitants of the metaverse world can have a strong sense of entry and immersion in the visual, auditory, and tactile senses, and will feel another real world, and HSC will become an innovative metaverse ecology.

When it comes to HSC marching on the metaverse world, HOO, HSC token, will be the core value exchange pass amid the construction of HSC metaverse ecology. HOO is a value exchange medium to compose ecological buildings, construct and build cities, auction land resources, vote in communities and organizations, recruit the indigenous residents, construct public buildings as well as transport systems with other applications in finance. HOO will witness an increasing value in the course of HSC ecology promotion.

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