EtherDrops Track Bot Revolutionizes Crypto with DeBank Integration


The world of cryptocurrency is about to experience a significant transformation with EtherDrops' track bot's latest update. Announced in 2023, EtherDrops has integrated with, providing users with a more convenient way to manage their crypto wallets.

EtherDrops has made a significant stride in enhancing user experience with its latest updates. The bot has integrated with DeBank, a move that allows users to switch their preference from Etherscan to DeBank through the 'Edit Wallets'-'Wallet Scanner' setting. This integration is a testament to EtherDrops' commitment to providing a more streamlined and efficient way for users to manage their crypto wallets.

The track bot has also updated its pattern logic, making it more convenient for users to quickly edit an alert or mute a collection. This update is designed to give users more control over their alerts and collections, ensuring they have the information they need when they need it. 

‘In the world of code, we don't just solve problems — we create solutions. EtherDrops is a testament to that philosophy. By integrating with DeBank we've transformed the way users manage their crypto wallets. This isn't just an update; it's a leap forward in our mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible and user-friendly for everyone.’ — mentions the Lead Developer of EtherDrops.


About DropsTab

Dropstab is a dedicated tracker for the cryptocurrency market, designed to facilitate daily crypto analytics, surveillance, and portfolio handling. Its grand ambition is to create a crypto platform akin to Bloomberg, covering all facets of cryptocurrencies.


About DeBank

DeBank is a comprehensive DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem analyzer, designed to facilitate seamless tracking and management of DeFi portfolios. Its overarching vision is to establish a platform that provides a holistic view of the DeFi landscape, encompassing everything from asset tracking to sophisticated analytical tools.


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