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A new AAA-level Zombie shooter has several unique features that make it a next-generation Play-to-Earn NFT-game. It provides gamers with an option to train themselves as high-profile cyber sportsmen. And an ordinary user can earn money and have fun in the game by renting out their 1st generation NFTs, and breeding new NFTs for future generations.

NFT games on the blockchain show stable growth. Therefore, new projects in this area promise guaranteed income for early adopters. If at the same time the developers are willing to share profits with the community and loyal supporters, then this further increases the chances of the project being exciting and successful. The developers of Endless Nights are ready to go down this path.

The Endless Nights shooter has a competitive, fast-paced style. As a competition-style PvP game with an exceptional storyline, it gives you the opportunity to earn prizes and in-game tokens, which are convertible to USD, for winning and placing in tournaments. Your objective is to survive waves of zombies while trying to kill your opponent sooner than he kills you.

But true Endless Nights' goal is to give power to the players and allow them to truly own the in-game assets pegged to NFTs, which are the driving force of the game. This game takes the use of in-game assets to the next level thanks to blockchain and NFT technology. Endless Nights is one of the first to use the potential of Web3 along with the largest names and brands in the world. All in-game assets from characters to skins and accessories are unique transactable NFTs. Blockchain technology allows players to track all their digital in-game assets, as well as let them easily trade between one another via the marketplace. The key is that gamers can make money from playing. There are four Game modes including Campaign mode, 1v1, 4v4, and a Battle Royale mode. Players will get income in Endless Nights native token which is set to launch after the mint. Tournaments will be held on a monthly basis. NFT holders can rent  their NFT just for the tournament and share prizes with the player. A system created where NFT owner wins anyway even if he isn't the best gamer. Everyone wins!

Why should you buy Endless Nights NFT?

Endless Nights is not a pay-to-win game; this is a play-to-earn game where all players are put on an equal field. Upon the purchase of your NFT character, your progress in the game will depend only on your skills and luck. By the way, there are only 10,000 playable NFT characters in the first generation. All 1st generation NFT Holders can breed new NFTs to create future generations. Both gamers and NFT Holders will profit from participating in monthly tournaments with huge prize pools. Endless Nights creates an economy within the gaming ecosystem where all users are able to generate revenue by playing or renting their NFTs to other players. After the aggressive advertising campaign that will be carried out by the team, hordes of potential renters will drive into the ecosystem. The demand for NFTs and the need for new generations of NFTs will grow, as will the price. Every in-game asset including skin, weapon, and other items obtained in the game will be an NFT. They can be traded on the in-game Marketplace where you can buy and sell from player to player safely for minimal fees.

Last but not least: the team of developers is about to release a playable high-quality open demo pre-launch. This is a very rare case where developers are willing to take the risk of providing a free version of the game even before the minting of the NFT. The team is confident that they launch a quality product. It is stated that the real game will have improved graphics and a smoother playable experience. Upon playing the demo, users will truly think about this game's potential.

So why  is Endless Nights different? The game is based on the concept of a blockchain, which ensures the transparency and security of P2P transactions. The quality of the game is high; it does not stray from the traditional high-caliber play gamers are used to. Everyone who owns NFT gets the opportunity to earn: NFT holders can rent them to other players and players can earn prizes. All in-game assets are tradable on the in-game marketplace with low fees. Everyone who buys one or some of the 10,000 1st generation character NFTs can breed new NFTs for the next generation. And free demo will be released, which will draw attention to the game and create an increased demand for NFTs. Endless Nights is doomed to success.

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