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By igort | Publish0x Labs | 9 Sep 2019

TLDR - DAI Campaign on Publish0x

These are the results that the DAI campaign has achieved on Publish0x, between June 1st and July 10th. I have also updated some stats, up until August 31st.



  • On June 1st we integrated DAI as the tipping token on Publish0x. 
  • 125,000 tips were generated between June 1st and July 10th, for a total of $1482 DAI. 
  • We also showcased Maker and DAI, creating content and sharing it on social media, including Reddit and Twitter. 
  • Our user base has also naturally created a number of articles focused on DAI and MKR - which we also shared to social media where possible. 
  • DAI and MakerDao content was seen over 26,000+ times (pageviews) during the campaign. Ending with August 31st, total pageviews for DAI and MKR content are at 36,809.

Partnering with us to integrate your token for tipping distributes your token to 1000s of new users while they read about your project (while reading about all/various crypto projects).

The key element of this is that we produce content around you, we know how to write about crypto projects in a way that introduces them in a simple way to a new audience, and we know the type of content which gets shared out on social media. You get a whole distributed team, for a whole month to create content and share it to the world. 


DAI Tipping Integration



The button on the image above - “Learn More About DAI Stablecoin” - was visible after a user made a tip on any article on Publish0x. Pressing the button points the user to this article: Everything you need to know about MakerDao and Dai, while a part of the time the article announcing DAI Integration with Publish0x was displayed when the link was clicked.


These two articles combined had over 8,500 pageviews by July 10th, and well over 10,000 by the end of August 31st.



Total Tips & DAI Distributed - Results of the Campaign

From June 1st to July 10th, our userbase has tipped articles with DAI over 125,000+ times. The total DAI tokens given away in tips and article bonuses was 1,482.05922901, worth $1482 at the end of campaign. Until August 31st, we have given away 2624.59540330 DAI, worth $2650, according to CoinGecko.



The image below shows the number of tips generated by our users. That number was 107,976 tips in June 2019.


DAI and MKR Article PageViews

Google stats show that articles about DAI and MKR had over 26,000 pageviews during the campaign, and a total of 36,809 by August 31st 2019. The screenshot below shows the views that articles about DAI (and not necessarily MKR) had.



*The first screenshots shows stats of articles written about or around DAI. The second one shows how many pageviews articles about the Maker Project had, specifically the ones that did not include "DAI" in the article title.

**Note that true pageviews are much higher than reported in Google Analytics. Users browsing the site with Brave Browser and those using some of the AdBlockers do not get tracked in Google Analytics. This constitutes a considerable number of users tipping on Publish0x as we make a conscious effort to get users to use Brave Browser.



Dai Fans blog on Publish0x that consists of five high-quality articles focused on DAI and MKR, all commissioned by our team, has had 9,670 pageviews between June 1st and July 10th, and 11,661 pageviews by August 31st.



Commissioned and User Generated Articles about DAI and MKR

As part of the MakerDAO campaign this month we wanted to really showcase the platform and ecosysytem. We commissioned 15 articles covering various angles about DAI and / or MKR.




As a further side effect of this, our user base sees that we are focusing on MKR / DAI and gets involved creating content - they generated approximately FIFTY more articles about DAI and MKR without us further managing this... and August 31st the total number articles written about and around DAI and MKR is over 150 articles!



Quote from the article in the image above: “I’ve earned these [DAI] all through Publish0x and have since decided to invest into DAI so I have a reliable stablecoin that I can use for small transactions when I need to and don’t have to be concerned with its volatility. It’s always great to hold a bit of stablecoin in your portfolio to really round it out.”


Some of these articles which talk about DAI and MKR alongside other projects, as opposed to those covering solely DAI or MKR did really well in social media, such as “3 Crypto Projects That Can Get Really Loud in H2 2019” as they got shared in multiple communities and were well received.

This particular article was well received in both BAT Project and Project Hydro subreddits, giving DAI amd MKR additional exposure in communities that may not have been aware of the project.




Articles written about and around DAI and Maker include:


Note that user generated articles vary in quality. Some cover aspects of DAI and the MakerDAO project, some are news type articles, others are tracking daily DAI price or are welcoming DAI to Publish0x, and one user even blogs about using DAI and Publish0x as a way to fund their travels.


Reddit and Social Shares - Results of the Campaign

To gain additional exposure, we share all of the articles in various subreddits. The results vary from article to article, but some have seen good exposure.


Most of the articles were very well received by the MakerDAO Reddit communities. The following all received between 20 and 40 upvotes each:


We also shared the articles in other subreddits too, including sharing the articles in /r/CryptoCurrency (the biggest, and probably the most brutal and toxic subreddit for crypto and blockchain related topics), but many of the shares were received favorably:



Final Thoughts


  • The tipping rate was initially set pretty low by our estimate of what would turn out to be good earnings for users, combined with potential growth of users, and trying to reach the $2k budget. We underestimated, increased the rate during the month but still actually only gave out approx $1482. We now have a better idea of the tipping rate we can pay per user to reach certain $ targets
  • Our growth during the month: Our total users at the 1st of June was just under 10,000. During June we grew by 30% to 13,000, so the tips/earnings at the last week were higher than the total in the first week. We are taking this growth as a sign that our model can work for our authors and for other tokens/projects to showcase their project and acquire a larger audience, investors, and the community. Our stats today are bigger still, as Publish0x is constantly growing.




If you are interested in exposure for your project and to integrate your token for tipping on Publish0x, then please write to me at tg; @IgorT0x , or igor @ publish0x .com, or follow along to the next case studies of token integrations:





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