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Binance and BNB: TOP Things You Should Know - Publish0x Emails

By Igor Tomić | Publish0x Emails | 26 Mar 2020

Disclaimer: This post is a reproduction of an email we've sent to the Publish0x email list on March 2nd, 2020. It contains links to some of the best posts our authors have written in and around Binance and $BNB.

These posts explain what Binance and BNB are, how they work, is it worth investing in Binance and BNB, what's new in the ecosystem (at the time of sending the email), the posts go over the history of Binance and how to trade on the exchange.

I do think republishing this on the website has value, as it is a collection of some of the best posts that authors on Publish0x have published - in this particular case about Binance and BNB.

Here is the reproduction of the email we've sent:


Below you can read the contents of the email we've sent on February 3rd, titled: "Binance and BNB: TOP Things You Should Know".

Last week we've sent an email with a compilation of some of the best articles authors on Publish0x have published about BAT and Brave.   This week we're going to feature Binance and $BNB. If you have any interest in this project, this email is for you.


1. If there's one BNB article you will read, let it be this one.

Binance and BNB Top Guide


Read what is probably the biggest Binance Guide on Earth!

Then, there are two additional great articles giving us an overview of Binance and BNB our users have written, which are much shorter in length...


Read the Short Version: Binance Coin: Doing the Binance Dance

Also Read: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding BNB   OR go straight to reading the biggest Binance guide on Earth, aka "Top Things You Should Know About Binance".


2. Is it Worth Investing in Binance?

Binance and BNB basics

Is Binance a good investment and where is it's price headed? These two articles are in-depth, well written and well researched... and deserving of your time:


Read: Is Binance Coin (BNB) a Good Investment? In-depth Analysis and Near to Longer-Term Expectations

Read: Binance Coin (BNB) Price Prediction 2020 - $44 Possible?


3. Latest Binance and BNB News: A Compilation.

binance and bnb news

Follow up on the latest happenings within the Binance and BNB ecosystems with this well put together compilation article:


Read: Latest Binance News and Announcements Compilation


4. How Binance Started and How did it Grow so Fast?

binance start and growth

This is a good overview of how Binance started, and what did they do to grow so fast. It's also a good overview of the whole project, so give it a read!  


Read: Binance: A Genius' Passion    


5. The Brilliant Ultimate Guide For Trading on Binance Futures.

bat and brave future 

This is an well put together, comprehensive and yet simple guide that will help you get started trading on Binance Futures...

Read: The Brilliant Ultimate Guide For Trading on Binance Futures


We hope you enjoy these emails. Let us know!   And don't forget to follow current and future articles about Binance and BNB - find them all here.

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