Suggest a Topic for the Next Publish0x Writing Contest - Get $10 in BAT if We Use Your Idea!

Suggest a Topic for the Next Publish0x Writing Contest - Get $10 in BAT if We Use Your Idea!

By Igor Tomić | Publish0x Contests | 1 Oct 2019

The last two writing contests on Publish0x have gone really well. Many authors have submitted great posts! In case you've missed the last two writing contests, they were:


And now we need your help to think of the topic(s) for the next writing contests.

Suggest a Topic for the Future Writing Contest. Get $10 in BAT if and When We Use Your Idea!

We'd like to invite our users to suggest a topic (or multiple topics) for future writing contests that we will hold on Publish0x. In return, you will get $10 in BAT (or whichever crypto is used for tipping at the time) if and when we use your idea for a writing contest.


How to Share Your Idea for a Future Writing Contest on Publish0x?

To suggest a topic to be used for a future writing contests on Publish0x, simply write a reply in a comment to this post.


Guidelines and Rules.

  • Only topics related to crypto and blockchain will be considered at this point in time.
  • We prefer topics to be 'simple'. Ideally, as many authors as possible will be able to take part in the contest and submit their entry.
  • Up to two ideas will be accepted from a single user in the first 24 hours after this post is published. I hope to give as equal chance as possible to all users, no matter which timezone they are in. After the 24 hours have passed (1 PM UTC on Wednesday), feel free to add as many ideas as you'd like. Your reward will be paid if and when we use your idea for a writing contest.
  • Preference will be given to contest ideas that will also be interesting to an audience that is not yet aware of
  • Check the section below to see which ideas will not be eligible.


Three Ideas that We Use for Writing Contests in the Future.

These are the three ideas that we will use for future contests, so they are not eligible for a $10 in BAT reward:

  • TA of [Token]
  • Introduce Your Favorite Crypto 'Influencer'
  • Introduce Your Favorite Crypto 'Site'

Though maybe you can come up with an interesting variation?


If you have any questions about this post, feel free to ask them either in the comments or in our Telegram group.



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