Meme Competition Time! $200 in $WSTA Rewards (Ended)!

By Publish0x PRs | Publish0x Contests | 8 Mar 2022

UPDATE: We've chosen our two winners for this competition! We've sent them the prizes already!


Thank you all for participating, and congratulations to the winners!



We are hosting a Quick MEME Competition with $200 in $WSTA rewards!

The aim of the competition is to bring awareness to the Fresh Statera Maxi Duet liquidity pool autocompounder vault hosted by Beefy Finance.


Rules - 10 Sec Read:

1. Creators of 2 Best memes about @StateraProject and @beefyfinance Autocompounder vault win $100 in WSTA each! (on the @FantomFDN Network)

2. Must retweet this tweet:

3. Use hashtag #BeefyMyWSTA when you tweet your meme

4. Deadline: Midnight 10th of March (UTC time)

5. Must follow @Publish0x on Twitter


That's it, good luck in the competition!


FAQ: What is Beefy Finance, What is the Fresh Statera Maxi Duet Liquidity Pool and How to Put Your Statera Tokens to Work for You?

Learn more about Statera $STA and Wrapped Statera $WSTA tokens from here.

By joining a liquidity pool on BeethovenX, a decentralized investment platform on Fantom,  you will be able to earn very high APR on your Statera tokens, as the pool we are about to suggest is in addition to good yield for your $STA / $wSTA tokens, also heavily incentivized with additional rewards on BeethovenX native tokens - $BEETS.

*BTP tokens are a receipt for your deposited Statera Maxi Duet assets - you get them when you deposit funds in the Fresh Statera Maxi Duet LP

**Beefy Finance is similar to Harvest Finance, in that the protocol automatically autocompounds rewards you earn for farming the liquidity in a liquidity pool.

We recommend the Fresh Statera Maxi Duet Pool - follow this guide to join the liquidity pool and put your Statera tokens to work for you.


To join a Beefy Finance Auto Compounder Vault and put your Fresh Statera Maxi Duet Pool BPT reciept tokens to work, connect your wallet on this Beefy Finance Automatic Compounder Vault page.


Then, approve and deposit your BPT tokens from the Fresh Statera Maxi Duet Liquidity Pool here in the Beefy Finance autocompounder vault: 


3. Done! You are now earning high APR auto compounding rewards on Beefy Finance!

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