TRON: Justin Sun Leaving TRON (TRX)

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 17 Dec 2021


Today a big announcement was made to the Tron community, Justin Sun is leaving and will focus on his political projects.

Is this bad news for Tron?

Well, this isn't a common situation where the face of the blockchain leaves and everything goes down. Of course this could happen, but the thing is, the majority of people held Justin Sun responsible for Tron's poor price performance. He is known to make announcements about announcements, his marketing strategies are considered bad and he is one of the most criticized guy in the Cryptocurrency world.

This makes everything even more confuse for TRX holders, they will think that the face of the blockchain is leaving and the price will dump, but they will also think that the person who made Tron infamous and a little bit hated is leaving and that can have a positive effect.

What is the move here?

Like I said nobody knows what effect this will have on Tron, this kind of thing was a little bit responsible for EOS to go down the hill, but they didn't have one of the most controversial person as its face.

Tron has already a very healthy ecosystem and handles a lot of transactions, mainly because its fees are cheap and the blockchain is very fast.

Will the Tron community be up to the task or will Tron dump hard?

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