The Importance of Faucets for Begginers

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 18 Mar 2021


When I started my crypto journey I started with crypto faucets. What are crypto faucets?

This are websites that pay you in crypto every few minutes or hours in exchange you see their advertisement and click their ads many times either you want it or not.

Why are faucets so good for a begginer?

You will start to take your first steps in owning crypto and you will start the process of creating wallets for them. This is very important because right after you search for a wallet you will be told the importance of seed phrases and private keys. This is the way people should learn crypto, the basics so you don't get scammed. You will make your first transaction from the faucet to your wallet and because it is not a big amount of crypto that you bought you won't be so upset if you mess up, but you will review your address countless times. After the first transaction you will start to do more and find faucets that pay in many types of crypto, you will need multiple wallets or a wallet with a large range of assets.

The value starts to accumulate and you start to believe in some project, what you do?

You search for an exchange to trade your coins to the one you want, this creates another learning step, transacting to exchanges and selling and buying cryptocurrencies. After you buy it and take it out of the exchange you will start to feel more confident making transactions and navigating this whole new world.

After that is when you will actually buy your first cryptocurrency and store it correctly, at this time you maybe be thinking of buying a hardware wallet because you read that they are safer.

All of this learning curve starts from claiming your first crypto from a faucet and after some time you are dealing with crypto like it's peanuts.

If you think through it all you will see that a simple claim on a faucet triggers a whole set of events very important for managing big amounts of crypto.

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