The Bull Run Isn't Over

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 2 Jun 2021


In the last days we saw a pull back in the market, with constant dips and coins in the red.

We can see from the news that while people were panic selling BTC, the whales were buying more at a low price, this means that the market believes it will recover and maybe reach new ATH (All Time Highs).

Hold on, this is a rollercoaster and for every pump in price there will be a dip, this is how it works, as you can see even if you bought at 2017 ATH, in this bull run you would be in huge profits.

This market is still very young, you didn't see the top of it yet, that can come only 10 years from now nobody knows (BTC to 1 million?).

There's a lot of good investments to be made, remember that people looked to internet in the 90's like people look at crypto now, you are early and you can achieve great profits in the long term.

Don't panic sell, those who wait are always rewarded in this crypto world, choose your projects carefully and you won't have a problem. Remember to not invest what you can't lose, there's always that chance so be carefull anyway.

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