Public Thoughts #3: Moneroland

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 5 Dec 2020

What would happen if Monero was the number one coin for exchange of services and products in the world?

Well this is a tricky question, many defend that we would be in a economic apocaliptical cenario, other think that the goodness of it would be more beneficial than the bad.

Thinking of our actual society we would still have to pay taxes to a government, but here's a random thought, if everyone had the option to pay this taxes or not based on, if you pay you would have access to free healthcare, education and in the last years of your life you would have a pension to live from. If you don't want to pay this taxes you would have to pay for everything but you would have more Monero than the others. 

You may think this is ridiculous, this is only a initial thought, but with this we as the people would have control over our state. If they try to raise taxes or steal from the people with taxes everyone could jump off of paying taxes, which would make the state lower the taxes again. 

So, point one every single person would have the ability of controling their lifes as they wanted to.

Now the point that every regulated market points out right away, economic crimes, traffic crimes, etc. Knowing from statistics that the major crimes transaction Dollars or Euros and that major laundry money comes from banks in the UK and USA, is this really a problem? The problem already exists and almost nothing is done about it so Monero wouldn't change that much the situation. We have millions of ways to track criminal intentions like watching the crime happen and report it, infiltration in suspicious activities, forense investigation, just to name a few.

So want would Monero actually change, people would have more freedom, more control over the governments and could choose how they live their lifes independent of what someone tells you to do.

Like I said there are many opinions about this, this is just a thought but i think is a good one.

Moneroland, an utopic but a good view on our lifes. If there wasn't so many barriers and so many people battling agains it, mostly rich people, regulatory organization and governments maybe we wouldn't call it utopic, maybe we would think that it's possible. I think that we have a very reduced possibility of this happening. But without hope and sentiment nobody can do anything, so i stand hopefull.

Moneroland where everything is possible.

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