PolkaCity is a Metaverse in expansion and a new NFT was announced, the ATM NFT.

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 6 Feb 2022

PolkaCity is a Metaverse in expansion and a new NFT was announced, the ATM NFT.

What is the use case of an ATM in PolkaCity?

As you know a NFT on PolkaCity gives rewards for holding them, the ATM is no different and comes with a lot of potential earnings.

The price is a little high, you have to pay 5000 POLC to purchase this NFT, the price may rise after they are all sold out. On the other hand this NFT comes with a 20% APY, which is a high APY.

One thing that stands out with this NFT is that you will earn 50% of the fees collected by your ATM NFT, this is huge, if you have a lot of people using your ATM you will be set up for huge gains. If you hold this NFT for years you will collect a lot of fees. PolkaCity is still very young and its usage may rise a lot in the future. The entire game is looking like a huge decentralized business.

Like a lot of play to earn games, playing them and investing in them requires some money, but the return on investment on this platform seems to be quickier than on others.

NFTs will keep launching on PolkaCity and keeping an eye on it doesn't hurt. Even if you don't have the type of money to buy a NFT, you can invest on the token itself and wait for the ecosystem to explode to collect your profits. Kucoin is a good platform to buy your POLC.

PolkaCity has a lot of hype, lets see if the team can deliver something accordingly to the hype the game is getting. Remember that investing isn't risk free and with a such lower market capitalization coin, the risk may be even higher. Only invest an amount that you are comfortable with.

You will have to use Ethereum blockchain or Binance smart chain to interact with this game, this is simple to use with you Metamask wallet. Once everything is set up all you need is the touch of a button to do everything you want.

Things are moving fast on the Metaverse and Facebook's Meta being already over, says that people want a decentralized system and don't want to rely on big companies to invest their money.

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