MuesliSwap: DEX on Cardano and SmartBCH

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 5 Jan 2022


MuesliSwap is a decentralized exchange that provides services on Cardano and BCH blockchain. You can use it by installing Nami wallet (Cardano) or setup MetaMask to use SmartBCH.

This is the first DEX available on Cardano and it has been live for more than a month now, although an audit has still not been done, one was announced some days ago.

What can you trade?

You can already trade some Cardano native tokens like Liqwid, WMT and Revuto, there are a lot of more less known tokens. This are some of the well known Cardano native tokens and they already increased in price because of this DEX. This proves that DeFi on Cardano is coming sooner or later and being the first sometimes comes with some advantages.

Although the Cardano DEX looks more like an order book trading platform it works well and you can setup limit orders to buy your tokens. Liqwid already had a huge jump in price and its airdrop has become one of the most profitable in the crypto world. Right now Liqwid is trading at 38 ADA for 1 Liqwid on MuesliSwap.

MILK is the governance token of MuesliSwap and you can buy it there, it's currently trading at 1.69 ADA for 1 MILK.

You can take a look at Cardano's future by going to and see how it all works.

Like I said the audit has not been done yet so be carefull, users have provided good feedback from this DEX and it seems that it doesn't have a big risk while using it. There are no liquidity pools yet so there's no risk of being rug pulled. I would advise to use a burner Cardano wallet just to be on the safe side.

The smartBCH part of the DEX is a straight forward experience and looks like every DEX you have used untill now.

Hope that you find this article helpfull.

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