Kraken Prediction For BTC Price

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 9 Nov 2021


The major exchange platform, Kraken, has predicted the close future of Bitcoin and estimated the price for BTC this Bull Run.

What's the price?

Kraken predicted that BTC will top up at 98k$, not reaching the so desired 100k. This analysis has in count that the market is moving the same way as it did in 2017. So far the correlation between 2017 and now is pretty close and according to percentage gains in 2017, Kraken came to this conclusion.

Does this mean anything at all?

Well it means that everyone is expecting the market to explode, so it might actually explode again soon. Kraken took the safest bet on the prediction since everyone is predicting more than 100k for Bitcoin. We also know that every cycle comes with a better performance, so this time the market might outperform 2017 and this will mean higher prices than predicted by Kraken.

What about Altcoins?

Kraken didn't comment on Altcoins, but we can make an estimative. The higher BTC goes the better the performance will be in Altcoins. Once BTC tops up, the money usually starts flowing to Altcoins, more money flowing, better prices. We may see some Altcoin bleeding as BTC goes up, this is completely normal because all the money is on BTC.

Will Q4 2021, Q1 2022 be the last big Bull run until the next BTC halving?

History tends to rhyme over time and this might be the last big bull run before we enter a bear market. The market always as been like this and it's better to be prepared for the worst. Remember to shift your brain chip in the end and once the market goes bear don't leave the scene, start packing up your bags to prepare yourself for the next Bull Run.

Remember, Bull markets make you money, Bear markets make you rich.

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