France Has a Proposal in the Assembly to Ban Hijabs and Burkinis

France Has a Proposal in the Assembly to Ban Hijabs and Burkinis

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 8 Apr 2021


This week someone from the French assembly porposed to ban Hijabs and Burkinis. The proposal includes, people with less than 18 years old can't go to school with hijabs, mom's can't go on school trips with hijabs and woman can't go to swimming pools with burkinis.

I hope that this proposal was made by a extremist guy and everyone votes no on it.

France is known from being a free country and always supporting liberty above all, now its becoming a very racist country. People seem like they can't think with their heads, they justify this type of behaviour by saying that "if we have to go by their rules in their countries, they have to go with our rules in ours", this is completely wrong, Europe should be fighting this giving an example that we are free and everyone can wear what they want.

This is a proposal of hate towards a culture and this only creates tension between people. This can't be justified by the terrorist attacks because if it does the terrorists win. The propose of the attacks was to create chaos in Europe and lead to censorship like it's happening, this is not difficult to understand.

People need to know that only by staying strong with freedom, we can say that extremist don't make an impact on our beliefs. Everyone should be free so lets give an example to countries where opressive governments are arresting and killing people because of fanatism and power.

Europe has that to say that we are free and you can't do anything about it, this is how freedom wins and opressive governments are overthroned. This example inspire's millions of people to gain courage and dethrone a government who is hurting their own people.

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