ERGO: Using Ergo Utils To Create Tokens And Many More

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 8 Jun 2022

Ergo (ERG) is a layer 1 blockchain based on eUTXO and part of the eUTXO alliance that has Cardano has the most mainstream cryptocurrency. Ergo prides itself on being a POW blockchain that hasn´t had a premine, meaning that every token has been distributed fairly to all the participants on the blockchain. Ergo is still in its infancy and right now it only has ErgoDex as its main decentralized exchange.

Although ErgoDex its the only decentralized exchange for now, other decentralized application have been built on Ergo successfully. Today we will do a review on Ergo Utils. To check every project that has been built on Ergo right now you can check this link:

What´s Ergo Utils and what it can offer?

Ergo Utils is a simple website and tool for every user. First to utilize this tool the user must put his address on configure wallet, this will ensure that everything the user wants to do will be sent to his personal wallet.

Starting with the section token related, users can do two different things:

Create a token: This tool gives an easy way for every user to create their own token on the Ergo blockchain, all the users have to do is insert the token name, the total number of tokens they want to issue and pay a fee to create the token. Its as simple as that, in a little amount of time every user can have their token issued.

Create NFT: This tool also gives an easy way to create a new NFT in the Ergo blockchain, the process is similar to creating a token. The best part is that this tool is already divided in three sub tools that allow the user to choose if he wants to create an image, audio or video NFT. Depending on the choice, the user just has to upload his file and the NFT will be in its wallet after the transaction is processed.

The second section of the website leads us to Airdrops, after creating a token users might want to airdrop their token to users and they can do two different things:

Airdropping to addresses: This ensures that the users token will be airdropped to a list of addresses, the user chooses how much they want to airdrop and the tool will do the rest by itself, there's no need to go through difficult stuff to do an Airdrop on Ergo.

Airdropping to holders: This tool ensures that the token airdrop only goes to the addresses of someone who already owns one specified token, this means that only users who bought "X" token will be receiving your token airdrop.

The third section is the others section that right now has only one option, that is mixer hops, this tool is used to ensure private transactions, the transactions will go through ErgoMixer which will mix the users transaction with many others ensuring that the transaction isn't easily traceable.

There´s a fourth section called donate that can be used to donate some Ergo to the developer. If you like the tool think about donating some Ergo to help the developer of this amazing set of tools.

Ergo is expanding and adding new features to its ecosystem on a regularly basis, it has some unique features on its own and right now it seems like an undervalued project, the community is vibrant and helpful and the developers are always working on something new or upgrading the existing tools.

If you want to check Ergo Utils follow this link:

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