ERGO: Partnership With Kairon Labs

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 4 Dec 2021


Friday was AMA day for ERGO, some good stuff was announced but the best one was the partnership with Kairon Labs.

What are the good things about this?

Kairon Labs is a market maker company, their objective is to bring liquidity and trading volume to the projects they work with.

As you know ERGO suffers from volume problems, this is a problem if you want to be listed in a Tier 1 exchange. Kairon Labs comes to answer to this problem and they will start working in bringing more liquidity and volume to ERGO. This is a step in the right direction for ERGO, they listen to the community and the problems ahead of us and they always try to find ways to solve it, this is why I believe so much in this project. If Kairon Labs are able to solve some problems with the volume we are set up for a bullish time.

There's another exciting news, Daniel Friedman has contacted a company in Malta to evaluate legal problems they might encounter entering the U.S market. This is a important market to explore as you know, they will fill a report about this legal situations. This is important because every Tier 1 exchange wants a report like this to list coins, if they come up with it more doors will open to be listed on exchanges. This might be just a formality for ERGO but it's necessary to have the report.

There's some exciting things coming from ERGO, the blockchain seems to be growing in a steady and healthy way.

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