ERGO a Option For Miners

ERGO a Option For Miners

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 4 Jun 2021


The EIP is close to be integrated in ETH, this will lower the mining rewards and miners want to continue to profit to secure networks.

Ergo is growing and its price already surpassed 10$, this makes ERGO one of the most profitable coins right after ETH. The potential to grow is tremendous since it is one of the best coins to partner with Cardano, the smart-contracts feautures will bring ERGO to the Cardano's blockchain and ErgoDex will be ready to launch right away.

In my opinion this is a great time to stack your ERGO, I have been buying some Ergo because of this, the experts say that ERGO is like ChainLink to ADA, with Ergo having a lot of advantages over ChainLink.

Another advantage to ERGO is the fact that someday ETH will be only PoS which will make miners switch to another coin, the coin that comes right after ETH is ERGO. The amount of miners that will switch will be enormous and with this comes a price increase.

So ERGO has everything to grow in market cap and price, I believe in this project as much as I believe in ADA.

Don't forget to do your own research.

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Public Thoughts
Public Thoughts

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