CryptoRoyale (ROY): Harmony P2E Game Reaches ATH

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 26 Dec 2021


CryptoRoyale continues to grow and today we witnessed a new all time high. The game is simple but very addictive, you don't have to invest anything to play the game and every win will pay you in ROY.

ROY reached today 0.0655$, a new price record and a sign that the game is gaining some traction. This price was achieved with only an average of 1k players per day, that is still low and the game has the potential to gain a lot more fans.

New type of games are being developed by the team and skins were introduced as NFTs. The ecosystem is growing and the price already hit a huge milestone. With a maximum supply of 400 million tokens, ROY can still grow by a lot. You can link your discord to the game and earn 79% APY on your held ROY, that's a lot and this will decrease quickly once the game gains even more traction and the tokens become more scarce.

You only have to setup your Metamask with Harmony One network and add ROY contract address to transfer your earned tokens to your wallet, this is simple and a quick search will let you know how to do it. If you have your Discord connected to the game you can also hold your tokens in your game wallet which is simplier and lets you earn 79% APY.

The game is a lot of fun and I only can imagine that even more people will come and stay for the fun and for the possibility to earn some money.

You can play the game right away on:

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