Cardano: How Is The Ecosystem Growing?

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 19 Dec 2021


Cardano is known as a game changer blockchain but with a slow development. Some like it, some don't, both have valid points.

The Blockchain only integrated smart-contracts in this quarter of the year and DeFi is taking a little longer than expected to be implemented, a normal thing for Cardano. While normally updates to the blockchain take longer than expected, when they are delivered, they usually come well designed and well coded. This distinguishes Cardano from other blockchains, they rather have a working product than to launch one that has many bugs.

So, what's in store for Cardano?

Right now the testnet is lit, so many good projects coming. There's many DEXs that will provide liquidity mining and decentralized swaps. SundaeSwap is one of the most expected and can be already used on testnet. ErgoDex also deserves a mention here, they already delivered a full eUTXO working DEX on ERGO (some said this was almost impossible) and will deploy their solution on Cardano too.

There's a high number os DEXs coming to Cardano and they will probably come to the mainnet in about the same time, this would mean a huge volume of transactions and money coming to Cardano.

While the use of Haskell programming language was heavily criticized because of its dificulty, bridges were developed to let developers program in Solidity (ETH language) and deploy it anyway in Cardano, so this became a no problem.

Interoperability will also be huge in Cardano, the main focus is not to win a game of Blockchains but to connect every Blockchaim together. Bridges between blockchains will also come and ways to connect to different blockchains and do swaps will come.

You might be thinking that with Cardano everyone talks in the future while there's nothing deployed on the mainnet in the moment. You just have to put an eye on the testnet to understand that all of this is almost ready to be deployed.

I think that there will be a moment when everything will come at the same time and bring a huge growth to the Cardano ecosystem.

Can Cardano handle it?

Yes, even if it's necessary to adjust blocksizes this can be done right on the next epoch, so adjustments can be done almost right away.

Cardano is a slow development blockchain but don't get it wrong, this guys code twice to deliver only once.

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