Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Booming

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 6 May 2021


Today is a good day for all the BCH lovers and holders, BCH is very close to reaching 1.5k$.

Have we seen all that BCH can give?

I think not, BCH has the potential to rise very high and all the projects build around it can boost this process. For now it regained the Top 10 in market capitalization which is a must for BCH. All the work that can be done is to continue to develop projects in BCH and it can consolidate this position.

Where this project will be in 5 years?

If the development continues we can see BCH reaching more than 10k and we can dream beyond that, as you can see with BTC the sky is the limit.

The next step might be turning BCH to DeFi networks like LTC did, this would bring a lot of people to BCH. DeFi is a big ecosystem and there's no doubt that it's part of every coin future, maybe developers should be thinking about this already to implement on BCH blockchain.

In conclusion, there's a lot of potential in this project and has all the tools to be a great project.

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