Binance Smart Chain VS Tron - Scam City

By Cryptopeach | Public Thoughts | 23 May 2021


For some years now people have stated that Tron blockchain was a sea of Ponzi schemes dapps and Exit Scams. Is this still correct or another chain has come to take its place?

Tron blockchain due to its cheap fees and fast transactions was a target for scamers who saw the oportunity to build ponzi schemes dapps, this is a reality many people took advantage of the great feautures of the blockchain to do bad things.

Now Binance Smart Chain has come with its cheap fees aswell and like Tron is being targeted with a lot of Exit Scams.

What's an Exit Scam?

Someone creates a token on BSC and does a marketing job for people to buy the token, the creators hold a good part of the token and sell to investerors the other part, when the token starts to get heavily bought the price of the token growths. After this the creators sell all their tokens making a huge profit and abandoning the project, the project falls to zero in price hurting everyone that bought.

This seems to be more and more common in BSC, so be carefull.

I declare in my opinion that BSC is the king of scams right now and tron has recover from this label.

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