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Do we have to have a technical industrial revolution?

By Banta | Public Service Announcement | 23 Apr 2022

This, is a public service announcement: The thing you’re reading this on will break at a designated time installed by the manufacturer. So will everything else. If that isn’t bad and mess led up enough fiat money is gonna break soon, it was designed to, they’re resistant becuase it’s not to their plan.


When I was younger I wanted to be an Architect! So when I finally enrolled in school and I got through the gen. ed. credits I was excited. The night before a class about sketching quick I opened the course material and read a little bit, learned a lot quickly and then struggled to sleep.

I ended up with the best teacher ever and I will call her “Amanda.” I can’t call her ms smith because she made everyone in the classes I had her for anyway, call her by her first name. I had Amanda as a teacher for 5 or 6 classes in the wheelhouse of architecture freehand and mechanical drawing and then more for the autocad and revit and photoshop class. 

 She was brilliant with all of it and she was so happy to watch others as their brain  went, “click, got it.” She would introduce the problem and go over the basics and then you’re on your own to see what how far you get. Individually figured out what would help everyone remember it or feel confident in a new ability(or sailor uniform) we’ll cross that bridge later tho.

Right now I have to bring up a book that changed my life. In a sketch class which was basically How to sketch Architecture 101, she gave us a book to buy and read, it wasn’t on the list of curriculum or required or even going to be turned into extra credit. It was a book she said, “It would be irresponsible to not have you read this book now instead of the last class you get before graduation. Order it when you can all of you on Amazon it’s $3 but it’ll last forever and it’s waterproof! The text is not getting wet and running.”

“What!” That was enough for me. I ordered without knowing the premise as did most. Found out it was made out of recycled plastic and could be up-cycled, didn’t know that was a thing at all! It was an eye opening book about the life cycle of a product, about them being shortened to create a repair market or because a better one will be out in three months.

 I learned that a car door that is metal and gets painted, the metal will never be as strong since you can’t get the paint off easily it’s melted down on it wearing the atomic structure chemically altering the final product and eventually not be able to be recycled again. I learned about things that could be designed into architecture to help lessen the impact on the environment like green roofs! It’s a garden and it’s in your roof! The dirt and protection layer keep shingles good for twice the length, insulate, provide a cooling effect in the summer and keep warm in in the winter. Provide a habitat that would normally be impermeable space and just look really nice done right.

So if you’re reading this and one day you are designing a product or service or anything really…you should probably consider reading it. The book was named,

“Cradle to Cradle”

 Think about your idea and it’s use, the wear and tear, the, “rubber on your shoe that is worn away as you walk will never be collected and made whole again” aspect. When your product is ready to be put down for the end of its lifetime what is going to be chemically altered, or leak or can it be returned for credit towards a new model and then the parts or most or some parts reusable and then designed to be reusable on purpose. Is that a marketing option? What about the process to get it made and to market? Does it have an in and out water system? Is the water leaving clean? 

It’s my first day for architecture school and

last night I was just not able to sleep well. I’m tired I want to go back home…I want coffee, but I’m at this train station waiting for glamour of a dream to be ripped away. Oh how wrong I was.

I get on the train to center city and I’m going on a few stops and then this, out of my lane women sits down on the bench seat with me. It was one of those mornings I just didn’t wanna wake up, everyone sucks…through haze and some light house/trance remix I glance and notice that she isn’t wearing a wedding ring.

    -I look because I only know one line and it is very hard to resist at least a smile if not you’re not chuckling 🤭 or laughing 😂 at it, well then that tells me you are not going to much fun and probably take everything too seriously or something somewhere happened and I don’t mind baggage but at that point in time I had my own and steered clear of others’.

As I’m listening to my music and trying to get myself to work up the courage, I fell asleep. Luckily that women woke me up at the first city stop and said “I read your ticket sorry but your stops next.”

  “😳🫠🤤😵‍💫, my face does all of these movements and my brain is like yo your face is doing something weird say something…Are you an angel? The light around you, your hair is glowing and took care of a stranger! Marry me!”-that wasn’t the line…🤦‍♂️

She looks at me l, like taking mental measurements and mumbling I hear the words sailors costume…I must’ve look like a confused dog head all sideways cause she stopped and got serious and said, “I would but I have to go out on a very important date later.”

 Well now I was a sad panda and it was on my poker face cause we pulled up to apparently both of our stops and then randomly she stopped moving and I walked in to her, almost to the ground but I grabbed her…”there now you saved me here’s my number that’s my card, I have an important date later at the food court, I hope you can make it!” And she scampered off, fairly quick.

 I got food and went to school, sat down, bell rings and in comes the girl from the train…an accidental audible, “No F*c&@$ Way…”🫥😱my brain goes…DROP OUT THE CLASS RIGHT NOW! GO IDIOT GO!

I stayed in class after the conclusion that if we did hit it off that I would the next week. She was a great teacher I could tell, not just cause I was blown away by her but because of the train, because of the way she helped the people who said I can’t draw do I have to draw Draw, like art? She’d say that thing that was what you needed to hear but also the certainty that that told you she had been there conquered it and bestowed how onto you! She was 27 and I was too, but she’s up there and I am not. 

I waited after class and we had that date. She learned about that dream and was prouder than most people who had been in my life since I was just a baby. We talked about how if it was a real thing, us outside the school how I’d have to take another teachers course, but I stopped her, “Amanda,::whispering:: even tho if this did happen I’d me calling you ms. “Smith” (we’ll say for insurance purposes) all the time😆. Amanda, I will emotionally, romantically and dependably let you down, repeatedly if you let me. You have a different one somewhere, but I don’t want to be in another class, honestly if you’re teaching anything else and I’m about to schedule a class I’m gonna pick you everytime and if I get out through this whole course and if I don’t let you down I’ll let myself think I’m good enough for you to try and fix.”

 You know you’ve told someone the most sincere thing they’ve ever been told when they smile blush a little and say, “I won’t wait but if a job comes to move and you’re still here I’ll stay or if I’m with someone else then, I’ll leave them, if that’s why you’re turning me down and that’s what you gotta do to fix your yourself so I only have to train you(haha)? Yea women train men so what, we know we’re in control and prove it I’m hungry, me, “ you want me more …OHHHHHH.” 
 Yea well I’m not your teacher again til this time next week. So long as we never do this again after that we’re both within our bounds, speaking of bound I’ll see you at 7 at my place, address is on the napkin…

-Not the end but the end of that-

She didn’t want to turn red when I called her ms. Smith in class the next week so she made the change and made everyone call her Amanda. I knew I made an impression though the next time I took her class and she looked at me and said to the class, “Everyone can just call me Amanda.”

2 classes done

4 classes done

6 classes started 5 done

8 classes started…5 done…

I let her down, I let me down and I was not ok with it. But I’m not sure what I’m thinking when I’m self criticizing my decisions. I got arrested again. Spent three months in jail. 

When I got out I went to sign up for class again. I didn’t have a drawing class to get put in Amanda’s for. The first day back, I’m a mess, looking out the door to class as anyone walks by waiting to wave and say hey I didn’t fully let you down yet! 

She was offered a job at a really good college and was gaining experience. When  I met her, she was just about done with the job. She was supposed to be there after the first term. I know that because the dean didn’t know why she was there the next semester? He told me that when I asked him where she was…couple months ago she came in and said that she was going to be moving on from here and taking that offer, there was something she wanted to do before leaving and it was put to rest.”

You were too good for me and I knew that. I tried to be better and was not able to make it a reality. I don’t know what happened the rest of well the month, I was crushed and happy it meant that much but simultaneously so angry that I did it again. 

I woke up in hospital, next to my wife, holding my new born daughter 8 years later. I looked at the best thing I ever made and told her, “I not making the same mistake twice, I will NEVER let you down.” 

Everyone has a story, and we’re living it pretty freely and it’s not always great but it’s not just our planet. It’s not his land or their land, it’s earth and everything on it belongs to everyone, so if you are gonna take from it because you bought a piece of paper with paper money, use the resources to make something that doesn’t make the earth heal when it dies and then claim that you paid for it and now “x” is profit…I hope you live long enough to have to eat that money to get by. 

Corporations are destroying the planet in a thought that we would like to share in their vision of success as having excess. There’s too many people on the planet to give everyone 1 of everything made. The time spent making the money to buy it doesn’t help the habitat the facility is polluting or the land fill it is going to end up in.

Fiat currency is meaningless like the week I spent sweating in bed with Ms Smith. It doesn’t do anything but act as a motivator and universal barter system. But I don’t want to accept it as trade what else do you have? I refuse to pay for time spent making a thing run right for a guy who is using time to sit on the beach with his kids and it’s in his backyard when I can’t buy a home! I’ll take a plot of land at this point and build a house from the trees on it or make a house underground.

 The chasm between the people who are in the news saying crypto is a scam and those who are tired of being treated like they like puppets, is absolutely enormous. For all those who are in the practical serfdom of a government that forgot how they got this country, “HODL ON FOR DEAR LIFE ITS ONLY GETTING MORE TURBULENT. We may not run America, but, we make America run. 

Tip your waitresses I’ll be here all week.

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I want to spend more time with my family. Support for freedom would humbling but I’m just trying to spread the word on some good programs.

Public Service Announcement
Public Service Announcement

There are things in this world that are not sustainable or purposeful or worth the resources used and lost in its life cycle and leaving behind increasing negative impact. No one deserves to have more than they put back in the earth, not a single person or corporate entity since they wanna hold the liability and be loopholes. If it isn’t environmentally beneficial or neutral it should be done away with.

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