BTC/USD Order Flow

BTC/USD Order Flow

By idm | Psychologica | 25 Feb 2021


Volume and Price of BTC/USD

The highest volumes in this time period were moved at about 35k USD on January 10 and January 20.

Volume remains stable through the February bull run.

During the final days of this time period, we see somewhat higher volumes moving around 50k - 52k USD.

Overall, BTC appears to be trending upward against USD.  The trend appears to be driven upward through steady, low-volume buying - punctuated by high-volume selling.

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How to read this plot

This plot depicts the movement of BTC quoted in USD, for the year 2021 to date.

The width of the line is proportional to the volume traded during that period. Similarly, lighter colors correspond to higher volume.

The peaks and troughs have been identified. Peaks were connected to form channels containing most of the price action.


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