Why Binance is the best exchange to trade BAT on
Why Binance is the best exchange to trade BAT on

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 24 Jan 2020

Personally, I love Binance. 

I pay 0.075% as a maker fee, as well as 0.075% as a taker fee. This is hands down the lowest fee of any exchange possible, and I pay this fee because I hold about $5 worth of BNB.

In this post, I'll explain why Binance is a great exchange for trading BAT.


  • LOW FEES: As I said in my intro, I hardly pay any fees on my trades. I pay a total of 0.15% of my order size, which means that I can catch profit margins of 0.16% and above without worrying too much about the fees eating up my profits. For context, Bitfinex charges 0.3% total, Bittrex charges 0.5% total and Luno charges a whopping 1.2% on each trade.(Luno is probably the worst place to trade cryptocurrencies, period)
  • HIGH VOLUME: Binance processes about $1 billion dollars in trading volume everyday, with the highest pair being BTC/USDT of course, at 400 million dollars. For the context of this post, the volume of BAT/USDT as of writing this post is 32 million dollars. This is the same volume of the BTC/USD pair on Bitfinex, so that's saying a lot.
  • AMAZING SECURITY: Binance has never been hacked before. Yes, there are instances and situations where customer's funds were stolen, but that was either because the customer didn't use 2FA or the customer visited a phishing website. Those are the only two ways that users can get scammed trying to trade on Binance, and Binance warns about this on their site. You really can't go wrong with Binance.
  • DECENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Binance offers a very complex bot for basic common problems. I say complex because you could actually hold a conversation with this hot like you were talking to a normal person. Should your problem not be in the bot's database of answers, you will be directed to a real agent, and your problem will be added to the bot's database to ensure that that doesn't happen again. Forward thinking
  • AMAZING TA TOOLS: All Binance accounts come with a free Trading view account already installed. You can do complex chart analysis with the tools present in this service, and this, in addition to the super low fees, can help you lock in profits more often than not.

These are some of the reasons why Binance is best for trading your BAT tokens. I have said before that trading is one of the best ways for you to multiply your BAT tokens, and that ideaology still stands strong.

Let me know your thoughts down below.


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