What's going up with BAT?
What's going up with BAT?

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 4 Feb 2020

Man, BAT has been on a roll!

Appreciating over 10% today alone, while Bitcoin struggles to keep its head above the water of downtrend land.

So what's going on with BAT?

Let's take a technical deep dive, shall we?

Ok, so for some reason I couldn't upload a chart on this post. I tried everything, so please bear with me. I might be able to do it later.

What caused the price to behave in this manner?

Well, BAT has been consolidating for a while now, until it recently formed a bullish flag pattern right in the middle of s downtrend.

This let the price rocket upward, but I honestly didn't expect 10% on the daily.

If you recall, I kept on saying that this year is the year BAT moons. I'm not stopping now 

Obviously this big move will be met with correction sooner than later, so use your discretion and just do you.

That said, the case isn't the same for BTC.

Sadly, it seems like the bears won the battle today, dragging bitcoin from it's high horse down beyond the $9200 support level. 

The foundation has cracked, however if we see a constant keep up above the $9000 mark, a reversal might be in place for a bull run.

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